Nitro confident heading into RAW

Tonight will be Johnny Nitro's first defense of his Intercontinental Championship, and it couldn't come against a hungrier opponent. It's apparent Carlito hasn't forgotten what took place at Vengeance when Johnny Nitro won the Championship by stealing Carlito's pin over Shelton Benjamin in their Triple Threat Match. Tonight on RAW, the Intercontinental Championship that Nitro snatched from Carlito will be on the line when the two meet in the ring for the first time since Vengeance.


Last week on RAW, Nitro and Melina stormed the ring to verbally bash Trish Stratus for being a has-been, noting that Melina has taken over Trish's crown as WWE's top Diva.  A scuffle between the two ensued, and just when the odds seemed stacked against Trish, Carlito dashed down the ramp and came to Trish's defense, attacking Nitro until he and his manager fled the ring.


While Carlito's fire for the Championship is still burning strong, Johnny Nitro is more concerned with keeping his personal belongings out of Carlito's hands, rather than worrying about his challenger's in-ring skills.

"I thought he [Carlito] was supposed to be cool, but apparently he has a hot temper," said Nitro. "The thing I was worried about was that he was going to try to pick-pocket me while I was in the ring. You never know, those Caribbean people have sticky fingers."


Nitro added, "Carlito is a talented guy. He does all of the Caribbean, Cuba-whatever thing, but personally there is nothing like a great looking, charismatic Superstar like Johnny Nitro," he boasts.  "You can't compare. It's like comparing apples to solid gold."


As for Trish Stratus' role in tonight's encounter with Carlito, Nitro says he knows Stratus has the smarts to keep away from ringside, because if she doesn't she'll have Melina to deal with.


"Melina is the most dominant Diva in the history of WWE. If Trish Stratus would come to the ring tonight, it would be a big mistake on her part, and I think she's too smart for that," he said.


Can Carlito settle the score tonight, or do the reigning Champion and his manager have a plan to ship the Caribbean Superstar out to sea? Watch the bad blood between these two spill tonight on Monday Night RAW at 9/8 CT on USA.


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