J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Edge

This week the RAW Superstar of the Week is a real no-brainer that even your Oklahoma Sooner football-loving fanatic can’t fumble as Edge is the obvious choice for this most “prestigious” of grappling honors.

However, before we get to Edge, the NEW WWE Champion, here are a few random thoughts from your favorite BBQ loving Okie…

DX’s sophomoric high jinx had Mr. McMahon ready to tap Monday night, but I have a feeling the resilient Chairman of WWE, whose ego is as massive as his biceps, will be a different man come Monday night in Sioux City, Iowa on RAW. I thought much of the DX humor was funny, but you have to consider the source as I thought the original Porky’s was a cinematic classic. I even re-enact scenes from some of my favorite comedies like the flatulence scene from Blazing Saddles much to Mrs. J.R.’s chagrin.

Point is, either in Sioux City this Monday or on NBC’s Saturday Night’s Main Event in Dallas on July 15, my prediction is that Mr. McMahon and friends will have their “moment”, one that DX will not soon forget.

I hope Kevin Von Erich and his football playing son Ross, who looks a lot like his late uncle Kerry, attend the SNME. If WWE was smart, they would start recruiting Ross now for a career someday in WWE.  I guess there is no hurry as Ross is still in high school and is a running back in Lake Dallas.

Speaking of recruits, the two sons of Ted Dibiase are wrestling their first matches this week under the watchful eye of their dad and the legendary Harley Race who has taken Teddy and brother Mike Dibiase under his wing. 

How in the hell can Cleveland Indians star Travis Hafner not be on the MLB All Star Team? I think you can still vote for this “travesty of justice” (my second Gorilla Monsoon reference of the week) online, and I hope you will. Travis is a big WWE fan and a personal friend of the King and me.

The King suggested to me after RAW Monday night that future Torrie Wilson-Lita matches should all be two-ou- of-three falls and each fall had to be won by a headscissors.

I know that male cheerleaders are generally an athletic bunch, but the perception of being a male cheerleader isn’t, well, that macho. As has been said many times, one cannot judge a book by its cover, and the same tired cliché applies to the Spirit Squad. I would be very surprised if at least three of the five Spirit Squad members don’t have stellar singles careers in WWE.  Hell, maybe they all will. They are all athletic and young and good now, but as they continue to acquire more ring time, they will only get better. The Spirit Squad might even get so good some day they all get last names.

The Highlanders reminded me of the Sheepherders, a.k.a. The Bushwhackers, in many ways during their vignettes and during their in-ring debut on Monday. Rory and Robbie seem like nice guys, and I hope they have long, productive careers in WWE. The question is, in time will this Scottish duo more closely resemble the down and dirty Sheepherders or the fun loving Bushwhackers, or a little of both?

I was just getting into the Intercontinental Championship match between Johnny Nitro and Carlito Monday night when Melina caused the intentional disqualification. A great deal rests on the shoulders of young athletes like Nitro, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and so many others on RAW to step up and to hunt on a regular basis with the big dogs of RAW. Young wrestlers like the aforementioned and others currently on the RAW roster are the foundation on which the RAW brand must be built in the future.

Will we see a renewal of the Ric Flair-Mick Foley personal issue on Monday’s RAW? Wow did Foley ever lay Flair open or what at Vengeance?!

If Mr. McMahon wants to extract a body part or two from DX, the World’s Most Affluent Power Walker might consider enlisting Umaga’s services as Umaga’s handler Estrada got completely embarrassed by DX in Philly Monday night, so there would be ample motivation.

Does Randy Orton want a guest shot on Hogan Knows Best (my wife never misses an episode….o.k. I watch it too….is that so wrong?), or does the virile Master Orton have an amorous eye on Hulk’s lovely daughter Brooke, OR is Orton simply using Brooke to get a rise out of her daddy and add Hogan’s scalp (no jokes please) to The Legend Killer’s collection? Something is brewing here but when will the next card be played. I know, I’ve been watching WAY too much Texas Hold ‘Em on TV. 

Finally, for the second week in a row, Edge is the RAW Superstar of the Week after slipping in the backdoor with a “bogus key” and stealing the WWE Championship right out from under John Cena. Edge and Lita make a great pair (go ahead and make your own boob jokes, King certainly would), and I don’t see Edge losing the Championship any time soon, which probably means another three-week reign for Edge as I am NEVER right.

Cena and RVD neither made any crybaby excuses after the main event Monday night, and I hope we don’t continue bemoaning how hard RVD’s schedule was, and how he was road weary, and he had to face all these top wrestlers in a span of only a few days, etc, etc. RVD knew what he was getting into when he signed on and that's the price that must be paid when one is a “top hand”. I have not heard RVD bitch and moan, and in 30 days or so RVD will, hopefully, get back in the hunt for the ECW Championship.

In the meantime, Edge is the man and is holding the coveted WWE Championship, but he does have that bull’s-eye on his chest which will make or break the rated R Superstar and his horizontal friend, the lovely and talented Lita. Interesting days lie ahead.

On a side note, I will have a new website up soon touting our family BBQ business and it will feature about 30 years worth of wrestling and other photos, weekly columns by yours truly on a wide variety of subjects (including Smackdown, ECW, or whatever pops into my head) and, we hope, to sell some BBQ sauces, a few caps, shirts, etc. I will keep you apprised and hope you will check it out in the next few weeks. Be well and we will see you Monday night from Sioux City, Iowa!



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