A matter of time

A matter of time

DALLAS -- It was time for the Raw Superstars to Beat the Clock at the American Airlines Center, with the man who won his match in the fastest time earning a WWE Championship Match against John Cena at The Great American Bash. Randy Orton, King Booker and Mr. Kennedy tried, but ultimately it was Bobby Lashley who won the challenge. Time is now ticking for Cena, who must face a hungry Lashley on July 22 in San Jose, Calif. (WATCHRead more on this story…

In other title action, the Intercontinental Championship returned to the bulging waist of Umaga when he quenched his hunger for revenge, a hunger that had been brewing since losing the gold to Santino Marella. The Samoan Bulldozer lived up to his nickname once again when he turned an anticipated championship bout into a brief formality, capped off with a Samoan Spike. (WATCHRead more on this story…

Women's Champion Candice watched as Melina defeated Maria, but the big action took place after the match was over. Melina backed Candice up to the wall, but the Women's Champion got in the last move, knocking the bitter former champion to the mat. In other action, Sandman took Carlito to the extreme, proudly being disqualified for using his Singapore cane against Raw's self-proclaimed coolest Superstar.

Also, Randy Orton went out of his way to introduce himself to Cody Rhodes, son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. After Randy told Cody he could be just like Orton in surpassing the talent of previous generations, Cody warned the Legend Killer to stay away from his father, to which Orton responded by slapping the "American Dream" before walking away. Later on, Dusty announced to Orton, "I want you to meet me in that ring next week," leaving our fans to wonder and imagine what the Hall of Famer has in store for the cocky Legend Killer.

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