A new mountain for Lashley

A new mountain for Lashley

Monday night on Raw, Bobby Lashley proved that there is one thing on his mind: becoming WWE Champion at all costs. After winning the Beat the Clock challenge to become No. 1 contender, Lashley punctuated his night by delivering a thunderous spear to John Cena, showing The Champ that he means business.

Cena vs. Lashley is a dream match for our fans, pitting two successful, popular Superstars against each other one-on-one for the biggest prize in sports-entertainment. Since coming to Raw last month and being stripped of his ECW World Title, Lashley has maintained that he would soon be a champion again.

While the former Army sergeant is always hard-hitting yet soft-spoken, he is more business-like than ever these days. In fact, after his big night on Raw, Lashley made it clear that he's not necessarily looking to make any friends along the way.

"Hopefully The Great American Bash will be a fight, because that's what everyone wants to see," Lashley told WWE.com. "Two top champions will be stepping into that ring. I don't want to do any talking; Cena can go and talk and entertain our fans all he wants. When it gets to The Great American Bash, it's time to fight, and I will walk away with the WWE Title."

Monday night, a fight is what Lashley gave Cena. The two men were on the same page when it came to dispatching King Booker and Mr. Kennedy, but once that threat was thwarted, the former ECW Champion showed just how "friendly" he would be to Cena when he dropped The Champ with that thunderous spear.

According to Lashley, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

"Like I said, it's time for a fight. I will do whatever I have to, to walk out of The Bash as the WWE Champion," a confident Lashley promised. "I never lost the ECW World Title, it was taken from me. So now, I will take the WWE Title from John Cena, and I will make sure he knows I'm coming."

In just under two years, Lashley has racked up numerous accolades and titles, but whispers in the locker room have painted him as a big fish in a small pond. So now that he's on Raw, does Lashley feel that he has to prove something to our fans, his fellow Superstars, or more importantly, himself?

"Yes, this match means a lot to me because it gives me an opportunity to prove myself, but you have to prove yourself everywhere," Lashley surmised. "People can say what they want about me, but I won titles everywhere I went. Now that I'm on Raw, I want to win the big prize, the crown jewel. When I do, there will be no more question of how tough I am."

Lashley is hungry, focused, and most of all, ready for The Great American Bash. Time is ticking for John Cena, as the countdown is on until July 22. Does The Champ truly know what he's in for? 

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