Game-ready fans speak out

Game-ready fans speak out

DALLAS -- In addition to crowning a new Intercontinental Champion and lining up John Cena's next challenger for the WWE Championship, Raw's highlights also included clips from Triple H's arduous road to recovery from a torn right quadriceps. Although The Game wasn't there in person, just seeing the 10-time World Champion back on the TitanTron screen had many of our fans at the American Airlines Center buzzing.

"When The Game returns, he's putting WWE on notice," predicted Jack Sanhall of Irving, Texas. "Look at what he accomplished after coming back from injury in 2002 — he not only won the WWE Title a fifth time, he became a five-time World Heavyweight Champion as well. There's no way anyone will stop Triple H from becoming an 11-time World Champion."

"Those Triple H promos have made my week," stated Red Oak resident Ann-Marie Nuhaltz. "Now I only need Shawn Michaels to come back too. I'd love to see those two in the ring again."

No one knows the condition of HBK, who at Judgment Day last May suffered a potential career-ending concussion at the hands — and boot — of Randy Orton. Dallas local Victor Flores thinks that alone should provide extra incentive for the returning Game, who last January tore his right quad while he and Michaels battled Orton and Edge at New Year's Revolution.

"Personally, I think he should stop off at SmackDown first," Flores said. "That way, he can kick the crap out of Edge, then go back to Raw and get some revenge against Orton. That ought to be his first priority; let 'em all know that you can't get away with hurting the Cerebral Assassin or his friends."

Back in March, Triple H informed that his rehabilitation had been progressing so well that he hoped a SummerSlam return was feasible. At The Great American Bash, it was announced that SummerSlam would indeed be The Game's official return.

"I think Triple H will go after The Champ [Cena]," said Waxahachie-based WWE fan Rod Williams, "but I also want to see him go after some of Raw's new guys, like Snitsky or Kennedy. Definitely Kennedy; somebody needs to shut that guy up, big-time."

Good point. So good, in fact, that asks Williams how he thinks The Game might fare against Bobby Lashley. "Wow, that would be good," the teen replied enthusiastically. "Lashley's one of my favorites, and I hope he's right about what he said tonight — that he won't be an uncrowned champion much longer. If Lashley can beat Cena at The Great American Bash, putting him in the ring against Triple H would make a great WWE Title Match…maybe one of the best."

Clearly, once it is time again to play The Game, our fans are going to enjoy every moment of it.

Get ready with Triple H's King of Kings baseball cap....

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