Opportunity Knocked, Punk Answered

Opportunity Knocked, Punk Answered

OKLAHOMA CITY -- CM Punk added a new title to his rapidly growing resume Monday night on Raw. In addition to former ECW Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank, the Straightedge Superstar's business card now reads "World Heavyweight Champion."

A record 11,560 fans packed the Ford Center as CM Punk cashed in his Mr. Money in the Bank title opportunity and turned the tables on the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge.

It all started after Edge mocked new SmackDown announcer and Oklahoma's native son, Jim "J.R." Ross, during his farewell address to Raw fans. Batista had heard enough and intruded on the events to teach the Rated-R Superstar a lesson. The Animal punished his longtime nemesis and left him lying wounded in the ring.

It was then that the Straightedge Superstar charged down the entrance ramp clutching the Money in the Bank briefcase. As a referee called for the bell to start the match, CM Punk made quick work of his opponent, leveling an already dazed Edge with a Go To Sleep.

It was difficult not to revel in the irony. After all, it was the Ultimate Opportunist who himself twice cashed in the Money in the Bank contract over the years against severely weakened opponents to win two World Championships. 

CM Punk's celebration, however, was cut short when JBL challenged him to put the title on the line. Already riding high, WWE's newest champion euphorically accepted.

Before the match, JBL's adversary, John Cena, made a plea to Punk and the capacity crowd to allow him to compete for the title, but the Lonestar Loudmouth brought in his own battalion of security to confront Cena and escort him from the building.

During the title match, JBL's security detail surrounded the ring in hopes of intimidating Punk. Toward the end of the match, however, Cena was joined by Cryme Tyme and confronted the goons. As a melee ensued outside the ring, CM Punk nailed a Go To Sleep to retain his World Heavyweight Championship before joining Cena and Cryme Tyme in driving back JBL's security detail.

While Punk and Cena joined forces on Monday night, it's only a matter of time before "The Champ" hungers for a World Title to call his own.

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