Melina takes on another fight

Melina takes on another fight

Last week, two-time WWE Women's Champion Melina broke her heel when she took a hard fall during an inter-promotional Divas tag team match, becoming the latest Raw Diva to have her career put on hold. Melina talked exclusively with about her injury.

"My spirits are good. I was upset I was unable to finish the match the way I wanted to. I felt like I let Mickie down and I let the fans down," said an contemplative Melina. "I'm sad that I'm unable to do anything at the moment. Things happen for a reason, I suppose."

Melina and WWE Women's Champion Mickie James were in a heated contest with SmackDown Divas Victoria and Natalya when she landed awkwardly. The two-time champion quickly grabbed her ankle and grimaced in pain. Now, the Diva will be out of action for up to five months.

"I didn't think I was going to get hurt. I thought I was going to get up from [the injury]. When you're wrestling you don't feel it, because your adrenaline is rushing. I tried to get up, but I couldn't," Melina recalled about the moment incident occurred.

Melina said that since "being betrayed by her former friends Beth Phoenix, Jillian and Victoria" she's being more cautious about who becomes part of her inner-circle. However, Melina feels Mickie James has proven to be a valuable addition to her life. 

"I've always been someone who could fight and stand up for myself, but this was a time where I was vulnerable. She gave up her own body to protect me in my moment of weakness," Melina said about the current Women's Champion. "Despite our differences in the past, we have learned to move forward and continue to build our friendship. I thank her for that." 

An injury for any Superstar or Diva can present a difficult challenge in their career. Having a strong support system is vital to a speedy recovery. Melina understands this and has a special message for her fans.

"Thank you all for all your support and all your well wishes. It really touches my heart. Throughout my years with WWE I've really done my best to give them everything that I've got. I appreciate them for respecting what I do."

And for those who doubt that the former WWE Women's Champion will return to Diva glory … think again.

"I've been doing this for a few years and been going strong. There's no way I'm going to stop. When I come back, I don't want to be the same Melina I was before. I want to give Raw an even better and improved Melina — a Melina who's more determined and focused."

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