McMahons ask for privacy

McMahons ask for privacy

OKLAHOMA CITY -- In the wake of last week's tragic accident that saw Mr. McMahon wheeled out of San Antonio's AT&T Center on a stretcher, many of our concerned fans inquired about the Chairman's condition.  

As Mr. McMahon's son Shane told our fans, however, his father is many things, including a very private person. In light of that fact, the younger McMahon informed our fans that his family has chosen to keep his father's condition private. In addition, he also urged Raw Superstars and all WWE employees to stand together during this turbulent time. (WATCH)

"We ask everybody to pull together in this time of uncertainty," said Shane McMahon.

Shane's address came in the wake of last Monday night's freak accident. As the Chairman finished giving away $500,000 of his own money in McMahon's Million Dollar Mania, a sizable piece of lighting equipment crashed onto the stage nearby. Moments later, a 10-foot tall, electronic sign toppled over and landed onto Mr. McMahon. The Chairman was trapped under the wreckage for roughly a minute before a battalion of Superstars and stagehands managed to free him.

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