An Immortal Moment

Chris Jericho, Christian and Tomko were confident that WWE Champion John Cena had no friends on RAW. That's why when RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff told them that they would have a Six-Man Tag Match against John Cena and two partners of his choosing, they weren't worried. They had no idea what they were in for.

Even though Cena is new to RAW, he had no trouble finding a couple of friends to watch his back and go into battle with him. Cena revealed that none other than the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels would be by his side and that HBK had secured the third and final member of the team. His identity remained a mystery until the all-too-familiar sounds of "Real American" blasted through the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA. As soon as the 15,429 fans in attendance heard the famous entrance theme, they jumped to their feet in unison, cheering on the Immortal Hulk Hogan. Just as the raucous crowd was clamoring for the Hulkster, Jericho, Christian and Tomko stood in the ring in shock.

Even though they looked shell-shocked, Jericho, Christian and Tomko managed to take control of the match and cornered HBK in their half of the ring. Utilizing quick tags and cutting the ring in half, they looked to have things under control. As Michaels looked to be down and out, the thousands of Hulkamaniacs chanted, "We Want Hogan!" Their wishes were granted.

Jericho missed a Lion Sault allowing HBK to make the tag to Hogan. Christian and Tomko tried to double-team the Hall of Famer, but he Hulked up and took care of business. Hogan then hit the trademark big boot on Tomko and followed up with the big leg drop for the 1-2-3, as the crowd was sent into a frenzy, nearly blowing the roof off the Pond.

It was an amazing end to an amazing RAW. Although Hogan and his partners Cena and HBK stole the show in the end, RAW was jam-packed with big moments throughout the show. RAW welcomed its last two picks in the Draft Lottery, one of which was the "biggest" pick yet. Edge and Snitsky were set to face Kane and one of the picks in tag team action, but Kane chased Edge and Lita off into the crowd. Snitsky was left all alone to face the newest draft pick in singles action -- Big Show. Big Show made a big impact in his first night on RAW as he tossed Snitsky around like a rag doll. A big man in his own right, Snitsky had no answer for Big Show's chokeslam. Meanwhile, Kane had Lita cornered in the dressing room. In a very demonic voice, Kane told Lita that she had her fun, but now it was his turn. He said he would be having a lot of fun and that he would make her life a living hell.

Carlito's Cabana also made its RAW debut, and it made perfect sense for the final pick in the Draft Lottery to also debut on the Cabana. It was the return of Mr. Monday Night. Rob Van Dam became the first person to be picked in the last two Draft Lotteries. While the fans continuously chanted his name, RVD promised that he would be taking it to the extreme just like the ECW hardcore Superstars took it to the extreme against Carlito and the other Crusaders at ECW's One Night Stand. A clearly angered Carlito took out his frustrations on the injured RVD and attacked his injured knee. Carlito left Mr. Monday Night laying in the ring, but it will probably only be a matter of time before RVD gets his revenge.

On a night of debuts, RAW was formerly introduced to the eight finalists in the RAW Diva Search Contest. Fresh off his night with Godfather's Ho Train, Viscera came out to encourage the finalists to strip down to their bra and panties while they introduced themselves to the RAW audience. The finalists were more than happy to oblige and even danced around the ring when it was all said and done.

Kurt Angle opened the show and stated that even though HBK scored the win at Vengeance, he made Michaels tap at WrestleMania 21, and because of that he was the man. The Nature Boy Ric Flair took exception to that, however, and said to be the man you've got to beat the man. The two squared off later in the show in a dream match -- The Olympic Gold Medalist vs. The Dirtiest Player in the Game. Flair used every trick in the book and even managed to escape an ankle lock, but Angle went back to the hold and hooked it in a grapevine, making Flair finally tap out in one for the ages.

Also, one night removed from the most hellacious battle of his career, Batista was interviewed by Todd Grisham. Batista, clearly still feeling the effects of his victorious night in Hell in a Cell against Triple H, said that the Cell took something from him that he didn't think he'd ever get back, but it was all worth it.

Chris Masters also came out demanding respect and upped the ante in the Masterlock Challenge to $14,000. Tajiri answered the call and caught Masters off guard, but in the end the Masterpiece's strength was too much for the Japanese Buzzsaw. Masters went back to Tajiri asking for some respect, but instead was met with a spray of green mist, temporarily blinding the Masterpiece.

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