Home field advantage?

It has been 15 days since the WWE Championship was won by ECW’s Rob Van Dam. Tonight on RAW, former champion John Cena gets his rematch in a match that was actually offered to Cena by Van Dam last night at Vengeance.

Following Cena’s victory over Sabu, RVD accosted Cena in the backstage area and offered him the rematch on his own turf. But after his own brutal championship defense against Edge last night, why would the WWE Champion make the offer? The answer is twofold; on one hand, RVD feels the need to prove the critics wrong.

“People have heard the word transitional champion, but that’s not what I am,” RVD told WWE.com. “People are impressed (that) I’m the champion; beating Edge proved that I’m a fighting champion, but I still have to beat Cena again because people think it was a fluke.”

And on the other hand, the WWE Champion wants to challenge himself as well.

“ECW rules aren’t understood by everybody,” Van Dam said. “He (Cena) thinks it’s his championship, but it’s not. In a respectable way, I wanted to give him a shot. I’m the champion and I love challenging myself, because that’s what it takes to be the best.”

Naturally, Cena quickly accepted RVD’s challenge. And when WWE.com caught up with him just minutes after the offer (and the match with Sabu), he had already put Sabu in the back of his mind and switched his focus onto Van Dam.

“I just somehow luckily earned a championship match; I’m not going to ask how or why, I’ll just take it,” Cena said. “I was thrown into the hornets’ nest (tonight) and I did okay; I came back and the WWE Champion was waiting for me. That means he was watching and taking notes. I’ve been in there with Rob before but (tonight) will be something special.”

At One Night Stand, being on ECW turf was instrumental in Van Dam’s victory. This time, WWE turf means WWE rules; Van Dam is comfortable with that, simply choosing to see it as an opportunity to prove himself even further.

“(Cena) hasn’t complained about it, but I’ve heard his fans complain that he was out of bounds at One Night Stand; he was out of his element,” the champion said. “We all knew that going in and he hasn’t complained about it, but I know he’s bothered by it. I’m out to prove that I’m the best, and that the reason I have the (WWE Championship) is because I continually have the best matches. I’ll do it ECW style or WWE style because I’m the best at both.”

No matter what the rules are or whose turf the match is on, Cena is 100 percent ready.

“I ain’t worried about turf or rules. Like I told Rob, I didn’t come to his house to beg for a rematch, I came to his house to handle my business,” Cena said. “I don’t back down from (anything); if someone calls me out I’m going to get it done. I never once asked for a rematch; he beat me fair and square, and he offered me the match. People forget that he was a huge WWE Superstar, so he knows what it’s like to be on WWE grounds.”

The time for talking is almost done. “Home field advantage” meant nothing last night at Vengeance, as Edge failed to bring the WWE Championship back to RAW. Can Cena reverse that trend tonight?

Also, check out what the fans outside the arena are saying about tonight's main event:

Steve M.: Cena is the champ. Even though he might not have the title, he’s going to get it back. Of course, RAW has to have a top title. ECW can't have two.

Daniel B.: Van Dam is going to beat the crap out of Cena because Van Dam is the whole damn show. RVD can beat anybody. Just because the simple fact that he’s Rob Van Dam, everybody’s favorite Superstar, even if he is taking on John Cena.

Tony M.: Cena vs. RVD-The champ is here in Fayetteville, hell yeah John Cena is going to win cause he’s the man, John Cena is the man. Cena should bring the WWE Championship back.

Barney H.: RVD all the way, I have a feeling Cena is going to get hurt tonight by RVD and I don’t know if it’s going to be extreme rules or not but if it is, Cena is going through a table.

Jessica B.: Cena is going to bring it home tonight. He’s going to bring it back, he deserves it. They cheated over at ECW.

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