DX breaks it down

D-Generation X was back in the house in Rochester, and they certainly left their mark all over Monday Night RAW.

As the show began, Mr. McMahon made his way to the ring to address his plan for DX. As he left his office, however, he ran into a bunch of strange incidents. From a man who had a rooster to a group of male strippers, the Chairman got it all. When he finally got to the ring, his speech was quickly cut off by Shane McMahon emerging from the back; when Shane told his father that sister Stephanie was in labor, the Chairman was so hell-bent on getting back at DX that he was hesitant to go. But after being coerced by Shane and cursing Stephanie for having bad timing, the boss left Jonathan Coachman in charge.

From there, things just broke down. The Spirit Squad came out to interrupt a match between Charlie Haas and Viscera that stemmed from Haas saying that Lilian had accepted his apology for injuring her over some "pillow talk." Big Vis proceeded to destroy Haas, but the match never finished as the Squad ran in to attack both men and call out DX. Triple H and Shawn Michaels popped up on the TitanTron and said they'd come out when ready, but until then they had two words…look up. When the Squad did, a waterfall of green paint dropped on them, covering the World Tag Team Champions in liquid and embarrassing them.

DX then turned their focus to interim boss Jonathan Coachman. After apparently desecrating his office, DX came in to talk to Coachman. Of course, they mocked the poor Executive Assistant in the process, but soon seemed to change their tune. Coachman told them they needed to reconsider their "plan" for tonight, which seemed to bring HBK and The Game around. Instead, they put poor Coachman through the wall head-first and then pulled down his pants to expose a very thin thong. It was not a pretty sight for sure, so to spruce it up a bit, HBK and the Game spray-painted DX on his exposed derriere.

Finally, it came time for DX to head to the ring for their official reunion. In the back, the Spirit Squad tried to round up several RAW Superstars in the locker room to help them combat DX, and they seemed in agreement; unfortunately, seemed was the operative word.

DX came to the ring, and Triple H took the fans back by delivering his famous "Let's get ready to suck it!" line. Michaels then confessed that he was a bad boy, saying that Stephanie being in labor was all a joke. He then asked Triple H what kind of man would get her pregnant anyway, to which the quick-witted Game replied "I don't know, but he must be some kind of stud!"

HBK quickly changed the subject, shifting the focus to Vengeance. As he spoke though, the Spirit Squad's music interrupted him…and out came five little men dressed as cheerleaders. DX shared a quick laugh and dispatched them, with The Game lauding Shawn for his handiwork. Triple H had his own idea of what cheerleaders should look like, bringing out four hot ladies to do a cheer. I REALLY have to start hanging out with those guys more…anyway, after the cheer, the ladies revealed the letters DX written on their bras. But just as The Game tried to get them to flash their goodies, the perennial wet blankets that are the World Tag Team Champions really did interrupt.

Out with them came a group of Superstars, from Umaga to Cade & Murdoch to Matt Striker. When they charged the ring, however, the backup bailed, leaving the Squad to fend for themselves. Poor Johnny and Mikey didn't realize it, and once they got in the ring they were toast. After a brief scuffle, Triple H pounded Mikey into the mat with a Pedigree while Johnny got a little Sweet Chin Music. DX then brought back the little people, telling the Squad they had two words for them…which were suck it, of course, but instead of saying them, the little men mooned the Squad and had the words written on their butt cheeks.

From the first minute to the last minute, it was clear that D-Generation X ruled RAW once again like they did in the group's heyday. They left their mark on RAW, but can they do the same to the Spirit Squad at Vengeance?

As for poor Coachman, DX wasn't the only nuisance he ran into. Coachman found Paul Heyman in his office shortly after DX doused the Squad, and Heyman told the interim boss that he had a busload of ECW rebels in the parking lot ready to destroy RAW. Instead, Heyman negotiated with Coachman and got a match made for ECW on Sci Fi: Edge & Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle. He also managed to get a match between John Cena and Balls Mahoney made for RAW, and that's where the hardcore group did their damage.

Cena naturally made short work of Balls, making him tap out to the STFU. But as Cena stalked Heyman, Sabu ran into the ring and tossed a chair at him. The crazed ECW star then slammed Cena into the announce table and set up a chair in the ring. With Cena prone, Sabu leaped and did a Triple Jump Legdrop onto the former WWE Champion, putting them both through the table. A bloodied Cena then had to be helped to the back as Sabu and Heyman ran out through the crowd.

That wasn't ECW's only appearance of the night. Edge took on Ric Flair later in the show, with Mick Foley doing commentary. In the end, Flair brought Lita into the ring, which distracted the referee; Foley jumped up on the apron and gave Flair a Mandible Claw, which led into Edge nailing a spear for the win. When it was over, however, WWE Champion Rob Van Dam ran into the ring and attacked Edge, nailing the No. 1 Contender with a Five-Star Frog Splash. Both RVD and Sabu left their Vengeance opponents beaten on RAW; will the same happen this Sunday night?

One RAW Superstar did have a response for ECW, however. After defeating Snitsky with the RKO, Randy Orton offered some words of wisdom about ECW and Vengeance. "Am I excited to go into an ECW ring tomorrow? No," Orton said. "But as far as Angle goes, either tomorrow night or Sunday night Kurt Angle will find out that vengeance is mine."

WWE.com Unlimited featured a couple of statements being made as well. In Striker's Classroom, Matt Striker gave his review of ECW. However, all he did was chastise ECW for how they dress and what they do. Later, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch came out to address the crowd and announce their intention to go for the World Tag Team Championship. Cade said they were mad because they got no respect, with Murdoch saying that when you make rednecks angry, bad things happen.

Speaking of red things, it was announced that Kane would face his "impostor" at Vengeance. In an interview with Jim Ross, the Big Red Monster said that he knew exactly who it was and why he was stalking him. However, Kane said that growing up, this person was more demented than even him, and when Jerry Lawler asked Kane if he was afraid, all he could say was "you just don't understand." After watching that, I can only wonder what frame of mind Kane will be in come Vengeance.

It was also announced that Umaga would face Eugene at Vengeance, and the Samoan Bulldozer gained momentum by destroying poor John McChesney. Hell, it could've been Kenny Chesney; the poor kid didn't stand a chance from the opening bell. Estrada then tried to remind the crowd who he was, but as they chanted his name along with him, Armando stopped and dropped the microphone disgustedly.

Later, Maria was backstage with Eugene, who tried to give her an update on "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Realizing that was a nightmare waiting to happen, Rob Conway interrupted to make fun of Duggan. That made Eugene snap, and he clobbered poor Conway. After the scuffle Eugene looked worried, but then did a little dance before leaving.

In another Vengeance related matter, Johnny Nitro and Shelton Benjamin defeated Carlito in a Handicap Match. The match was made after Jonathan Coachman found Carlito laughing about DX, and despite the Caribbean Superstar's efforts, Nitro stole the win with a roll-up and a handful of tights. Nitro and Benjamin argued during and after the match, and after Nitro left Benjamin in the ring, Carlito got a measure of revenge by nailing the Intercontinental Champion with a back cracker. These three men all meet at Vengeance for the gold, and it's sure to be a volatile situation.

And speaking of volatile, Mickie James showed a little bit more of her psycho side. Mickie & Candice won a Bra & Panties Match over Torrie Wilson & Maria, with Mickie looking dominant. When Candice tried to celebrate with her, Mickie knocked her partner down and stripped her as well. She then went to ringside and stole Jim Ross' hat, but as she went to leave, a fan heckled her. Mickie seemed to snap, pulling the fan to the barrier and pulling off her shirt before giggling and walking away. It appears as if Mickie is sicker than ever, and based on what's happened to Ashley, Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix, I'd watch out if I was around her.

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