ECW vows to get RAW

ECW had its world premiere on the Sci Fi Channel last Tuesday, and Paul Heyman invited everyone and anyone to join them for the festivities. A few RAW Superstars accepted the gracious invitation, but they used it to rain on ECW’s parade. Now, Paul Heyman and his ECW wrestlers have vowed to get revenge and are taking the fight to RAW this week.

Last Tuesday, Edge and Lita were on hand to seemingly give props to WWE Champion Rob Van Dam. But just seconds after saying that he respected RVD, Edge blindsided the champion with a vicious spear. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Irate at losing the WWE Championship, John Cena snapped last week on RAW. Cena sent Edge, who helped cost him the Championship at One Night Stand, packing in a cowardly retreat and then proceeded to lay out three ECW wrestlers who were sitting ringside. Wildly swinging a steel chair, Balls Mahoney, Justin Credible and Stevie Richards were all knocked out, and Cena said that he would also be showing up on ECW’s premiere on Sci Fi.

Well, Cena did much more than just show up. After spearing RVD, Edge and Lita tried to escape through the crowd, but none other than John Cena was standing there to cut him off. After exacting a bit of revenge on Edge, Cena also knocked out Paul Heyman with a thunderous punch. The head of ECW and its Champion were embarrassed on their own premiere, and now Heyman has vowed that there will be hell to pay.

What does Heyman and ECW have up their sleeves for RAW? Will they target Edge and John Cena specifically? How will RAW react to ECW showing up on their turf? Find out all this and much more this Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

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