An emotional first appearance

An emotional first appearance

Vengeance: Night of Champions is this Sunday live on pay-per-view

RICHMOND, Va. -- Our fans were in for quite the surprise at the end of Raw. For the first time since the tragic passing of WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, a member of the Chairman's family made an appearance when Stephanie McMahon spoke in the middle of the Raw ring.

Earlier in the night, a white limousine pulled into the Richmond Coliseum and parked in what would have been Mr. McMahon's spot. Speculation ran rampant as to who was inside the limo, and WWE Superstars and our fans alike were shocked when an overtly grief-stricken Stephanie McMahon emerged from the vehicle later in the evening.

After a brief conversation with Jonathan Coachman, the Chairman's only daughter addressed the crowd in Richmond and our fans watching around the world. Shaking and on the verge of tears, an emotional Stephanie thanked everyone for their sympathy.

"While it was sometimes surprising, you have no idea how much it meant to me and my family," a choked-up Stephanie admitted. "My dad wanted to leave this world the same way he lived in it, in the biggest way possible."

After a moment of clarity, Stephanie then announced once again that next week's Raw will celebrate the life of her fallen father.

"Superstars from Raw, SmackDown and ECW will join us in celebration of my father. Some of you might feel he doesn't deserve it; he was not loved, sympathetic or nice. But the man you know is the only man I have ever known as my dad. Most important person in this world…was."

The distraught daughter's mood then temporarily changed from celebratory to dark, as she pledged to follow the investigation into Mr. McMahon's presumed passing to the bitter end.

"This Sunday's pay-per-view might be named Vengeance, but vengeance will be true, the moment that my family finds out who did this to my dad…"

With that, her mood once again shifted to highly emotional; Stephanie looked to the sky and mouthed "I love you dad!" before breaking into tears and hurrying from the ring as our fans in Richmond sat in stunned silence.

Stephanie and the entire McMahon family are obviously and understandably still very distraught over the events of last week; however, our fans are left to wonder why Stephanie chose tonight to make her first public appearance. Even worse…is she possibly one of the people that federal investigator Daniel Beck has questioned about his passing?

Our fans may never know whether Stephanie's appearance on Raw was done for therapeutic, business or other reasons…and based on her demeanor during her speech, poor Stephanie herself may not even know.

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