Foley in championship form?

Foley in championship form?

Vengeance: Night of Champions is this Sunday live on pay-per-view

RICHMOND, Va. -- Mick Foley has had his share of punishment over his career in the ring, but after the viciousness of the attack by Umaga on Raw, few could have blamed Foley if he walked away from his title opportunity this Sunday at Vengeance: Night of Champions.
The former WWE Champion had to be helped to the back after the beating from the Samoan Bulldozer, and was unavailable for questioning by lead federal investigator Daniel Beck. Foley had fingers pointed at him as a suspect in Mr. McMahon's limo explosion earlier in the night by fellow Raw Superstar Randy Orton, and perhaps he was in no mental condition to step in the ring with a focused beast like Umaga.
While under the supervision of WWE's Dr. Rios, Mick Foley refused to let him complete any diagnosis, instead storming out of the trainer's room with a fire in his eyes that some hadn't seen in years. One eyewitness claimed that the look in the eyes of Foley was that of the, "sadistic, twisted Foley of old."
As Foley exited the building, one of the men loading the trucks outside wished him a goodnight and Mick turned with an odd look and said, "I'll see you Sunday."
Clearly, the Hardcore Legend still plans on competing in the WWE Championship Challenge this Sunday at Vengeance: Night of Champions.

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