Will Trump stop with Raw?

Will Trump stop with Raw?

Monday night's shocking announcement that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon sold Raw to his rival Donald Trump has sent shockwaves through the business world and the WWE Universe. Thanks to a deal that Mr. McMahon could not pass up, Trump has acquired the McMahon family's most cherished property, and now has the power to do as he pleases with it. With that, the question on everyone's mind is what will "The Donald" do next?

Trump has already wielded his new ownership in a major way, announcing that next Monday's Raw will be completely commercial-free for the first time in the WWE flagship program's 17-year history -- and he'll personally be on hand in Green Bay, Wisc., to oversee it. The mega-rich maven went one step further for the special event by setting up a Last Man Standing Match between newly crowned WWE Champion Randy Orton and Triple H -- both of whom are already slated to meet at The Bash the following Sunday night. Only minutes into his reign as Raw's new owner, and already Trump was making the same gutsy plays upon which he has built his reputation.

Like a true business magnate, Trump's reputation precedes him -- as did his personal helicopter, which was spotted landing on top of World Wrestling Entertainment Headquarters in Stamford, Conn., Tuesday - and the Superstars of Raw are nervously awaiting the billionaire's arrival. Perhaps it's due to the fact that if there's one man who relishes publicly firing employees even more than Mr. McMahon, it is the star of The Apprentice, Donald J. Trump. In fact, Trump loves axing underlings so much he actually trademarked the term, "You're fired." Will he bring his penchant for pink slips with him when he comes to Raw? Or will he make a power play and attempt to purchase SmackDown or ECW, perhaps becoming the sole owner of World Wrestling Entertainment?

The WWE Universe — and Mr. McMahon — will find out when "The Donald" personally oversees his first Raw in Green Bay next Monday night.

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