It's nothing personal

Mr. Money in the Bank Rob Van Dam will be challenging John Cena for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand this Sunday, and tonight on RAW, they will make things official with a contract signing. caught up with both Superstars before the big night tonight to get their thoughts on the contract signing and the match.

“There’s no greater opportunity than to cash in my Money in the Bank opportunity at ECW One Night Stand,” said RVD. “That is by far my most comfortable surroundings, and it’s where I’m at my best.”

Even though RVD will be on his home turf, and it will be an ECW vs. WWE match, Mr. Money in the Bank says that the match is nothing personal.

“This isn’t personal at all. This is business,” said RVD. “He’s a fighting champion, and I’ll give him a fight.”

Even though Cena fell victim to the Van Daminator two weeks ago, The Champ also feels that the match is about business, and it’s nothing personal.

“This is nothing personal with me. I know what I’m getting into, and these contract signings don’t usually go well,” said Cena. “RVD has some issues with how he’s been treated in WWE and how his career has gone. He’s had to work hard for everything. Well, welcome to the real world. I came into WWE not knowing up from down and worked my ass off to get to where I’m at.”

Cena doesn’t feel like anything’s been handed to him in his WWE career, thus far, and he knows that won’t be the case Sunday night…or will it?

“I have to go into a hostile environment, and the only thing that might get handed to me by the fans is a steel chair to get hit with,” said Cena. “I know RVD’s proud to be going to ECW. Everyone knows he was Captain Loyalty with them. But if he thinks I’m going into a Bingo Hall with 2,600 of his friends that will boo the hell out of me to lay down, he’s wrong.”

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