Championship math

Championship math

TAMPA, Fla. -- One plus one never equals three; that is, unless you're John Cena and your math instructor is a possibly off the deep end Mr. McMahon. Fortunately for the WWE Champion, he solved the Chairman's bizarre equation and prevailed in a Raw Triple Threat Match against The Great Khali and Umaga to retain the WWE Championship. That's right, folks; somehow, The Champ is STILL here.

Nearly 24 hours after surviving his brutal Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match with Khali at One Night Stand (becoming the first man to ever pin Khali in the process), Cena opened Raw in an attempt to address the Tampa crowd. However, a very insane-looking Mr. McMahon quickly interrupted, accusing a bewildered Cena of trying to mock him. Perhaps something inside Mr. McMahon snapped, as he would continue his bizarre behavior later on Raw, but in the end the equation was written. When one possibly cuckoo Chairman was added to the ring containing one WWE Champion, the resulting explosion netted a Triple Threat Main Event.

Cena had to wonder if the Chairman had truly gone bonkers, but couldn't dwell on it very long once the realization of his potential fate set in. The odds were certainly horribly stacked against The Champ, and with the combined size and ruthlessness of his two opponents, Cena's odds may have in fact seemed insurmountable. He wouldn't even have had to be involved in the decision to lose the gold, something that he had to be eerily aware of. But thanks to an unlikely assist from Umaga himself, the WWE Champion found a way to once again come out golden.

With Khali tied in the ropes and Cena dazed in the corner, conditions looked ripe for Umaga to finally claim the WWE Championship. However, after nailing Khali with a Samoan Spike, Umaga found himself crashing to the floor courtesy of Cena instead of capitalizing for a pinfall.

With the Samoan Bulldozer stalled outside the ring, The Champ duplicated his incredible feat from 24 hours earlier. Just like he did at One Night Stand, Cena found a way to hoist the staggered Khali on his shoulders, deliver a thunderous FU and pin the massive challenger to keep the gold firmly around his waist.

John Cena has made a career out of continuously doing what most men couldn't even think of doing once. On Raw, the WWE Champion once again proved why he is one of the most resilient Superstars of all-time, and more importantly, just why he IS The Champ.

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