Three is a magic number

Three is a magic number

TAMPA, Fla. -- The number three seems to have special significance for Randy Orton; he's a third-generation Superstar, has three reigns as a champion in WWE to his credit, and on Raw, he tried to take out his third legend in three weeks. Fortunately, however, Ric Flair fared slightly better than Orton's previous two targets.

Flair found himself facing Orton thanks to a maniacal Mr. McMahon. The Legend Killer, who may have ended the careers of both Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam in recent weeks, tried to do the same to the "Nature Boy." Orton focused on his opponent's head throughout the bout, and using a swift, vicious kick to the head similar to the one driven into the skulls of HBK and RVD recently, the Legend Killer knocked Flair loopy before finishing him off with an RKO.

Once the match was finished, Orton looked like he wanted to continue his assault; fortunately for Flair, referee Marty Elias stepped in and ushered the Legend Killer out of the ring before he could inflict more damage.

Sources in the locker room say that Flair was visibly shaken up after the bout, appearing woozy and off balance. However, after a thorough examination by doctors, it was determined that Flair had thankfully NOT suffered a concussion.

Flair may have fared slightly better than his recent predecessors, but that does nothing to diminish the fact that the sadistic streak inside Randy Orton is alive and well. One can only wonder who might be the next victim earmarked for a visit from the Legend Killer.

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