High road to the gold?

High road to the gold?

TAMPA, Fla. -- Weeks ago, after a loss to The Hardys at Backlash, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch seemed to set themselves down the path of righteousness. Unfortunately, our fans found out on Raw that it may have just been a ruse, and when the smoke cleared, Cade & Murdoch abandoned their new attitude and left Tampa as the new World Tag Team Champions.

It all started innocently enough during a brief locker room run-in. Cade & Murdoch praised the champions for their hard-fought Ladder Match victory at One Night Stand and challenged them for the gold. They even agreed to wait until The Hardys were 100 percent, but in one of many maniacal McMahon moments, the WWE Chairman ordered it to happen on Raw.

Even during the match, Cade & Murdoch continued to make everyone believe they were new men; at one point, Cade actually asked the referee to check whether or not the injured Hardys wanted to continue. In the end, however, one simple act of treachery helped them win the gold and begin to shed their new skin.

When Cade rolled Jeff up after a missed Swanton Bomb, the daredevil champion reached his foot out onto the rope. Murdoch, however, pushed it off, allowing Cade to get the winning three- count to regain the gold. When Matt questioned the new champions after the win, Murdoch blatantly lied before stunning him with a kick to the gut; seconds later, Cade & Murdoch leveled The Hardys with the tag team gold, cementing the perception that they had used their "new lease on life" solely to get back to the top.

They say that a leopard can't change its spots, and they also say that you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Whether you want to call Cade & Murdoch leopards, old dogs or perhaps something more derogatory (con artists comes to mind), you certainly have to call them champions.

So why did all this happen the way it did? WWE.com conducted an exclusive interview with the Southern swindlers after the match in search of answers, and you can read what the new champions had to say on WWE.com on Tuesday.

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