Nature of The Game

Nature of The Game

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- If you play with fire, you may get burned. But, if you attempt to play The Game in the ring, the outcome is guaranteed to be much more than some burn cream and a kiss from your mother can heal.

Sunday night at One Night Stand, Randy Orton found this out when he took on WWE Champion Triple H for the gold in a match of his own choosing -- a Last Man Standing Match. During the bout, Triple H reversed Orton's RKO attempt and hurled the three-time champion over the top rope. As a result, the Legend Killer suffered a broken left clavicle.

"Obviously, it's a bad break for Orton. It's a physical business. We don't go out there to play checkers," The Cerebral Assassin said. "Randy and I knew going into that match that we wouldn't be the same coming out. It's part of the game and what we do for a living. When something bad happens out there in that ring you take advantage of it."

He continued, "Orton would've done the same thing to me if the roles would've been reversed. I have no sympathy or remorse."

For nearly a year, the "Age of Orton" has been identified as an era in which a number of Superstars' careers were put in jeopardy by the hands of the Legend Killer. WWE fans have listened to the former WWE Champion boast about taking out John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and WWE Hall of Famers Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter. Last October, it was the same RKO that he attempted on Triple H at One Night Stand, which caused Cena to tear his pectoral muscle, and began Orton's most recent championship reign. 

"I think there's some poetic justice," The Game added. "Randy Orton has bragged about putting Superstars on the shelf. That stuff can come back to bite you. He'll have two months to sit at home and think about it."

Going into the Last Man Standing Match, Orton was very confident that he would regain the WWE Championship. It was the same type of match he defeated Triple H in at the historic No Mercy pay-per-view last October, to win his third WWE Title. In Triple H's case, his victory over the Legend Killer sends a clear message to future contenders.

"I don't think that anybody who's seen me compete over the last 10 years will think that I would have any remorse. I'll fight tooth and nail," the 12-time World Champion declared. "I've fought with torn quads and other injuries. This is what you do in this business. It's your passion. To win championships is what we keep fighting for. I'll stop at nothing to win or retain the WWE Championship."

Last night on Raw, three-time WWE Champion John Cena secured his spot at Night of Champions as the No. 1 contender to Triple H's gold by defeating Jeff Hardy. Now the question stands: Will The Cerebral Assassin continue to reign or will the Chain Gang Commander, a Superstar who has never lost to Triple H in a one-on-one title match, hold the WWE Championship for a fourth time?

Watch Night of Champions live on pay-per-view Sunday, June 29, to see who will stand tall holding one of the most coveted prizes in sports-entertainment.

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