Heyman gets draft picks

Mr. McMahon has announced that in an effort to boost the new ECW brand, Paul Heyman will be given two draft picks – one from RAW and one from SmackDown.
Who Mr. Heyman will choose is anyone’s guess. Will he make that announcement on RAW tonight? WWE.com caught up with Heyman to find out.

“Well, first of all, I don’t think Mr. McMahon gave me anything,” said Heyman about his two draft picks. “I think ECW earned the right to have a draft pick from RAW and from SmackDown. And if you want to know whether I’ll reveal this information tonight, then you’ll have to tune in and find out.”
Paul Heyman is scheduled to be on RAW tonight after being challenged to a face-off by former ECW employee and current WWE Superstar Mick Foley. WWE.com talked with Foley today to get his comments on tonight’s face-off.

“We’re having this face off to clear up a couple of myths – namely one about me being some kind of prostitute,” said Foley. “If anybody has stood up for what’s good about sports-entertainment, I think it’s me. And if indeed I am a prostitute, then I’m just one with a new pimp named Mr. McMahon. And all things considered, I’d rather prostitute myself for Mr. McMahon than a low-life like Paul E.”

The situation between Foley and Heyman is a powderkeg ready to go off at any time. One thing is for certain, this will be one extreme face off tonight on RAW.

To see how it all unfolds, tune in to RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA Network tonight.  

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