Dykstra's foxy new look

Dykstra's foxy new look

When Johnny Nitro entered the ring for Raw's Eight-Man Tag Team Match this past Monday, he wasn't the only Superstar donning fur. His new tag team partner, Kenny Dykstra, sported what Jerry "The King" Lawler called "road kill" slung over his shoulders.

"It's the actual fox from The Fox and the Hound of the Walt Disney series," Kenny joked.

But what is it, really? WWE.com asked some of the Superstars in the Raw locker room to weigh in on Dykstra's new accessory.

"I bet it's made from the remnants of Mr. McMahon's WrestleMania hair shavings," one Superstar guessed.

Another Raw Superstar agreed with Lawler's description.

"One person's road kill is another person's weird, weird treasure," he said.

Whatever you do, don't call it road kill in front of Dykstra. This fur is a symbol of anything but death -- representing a companionship that is set for a big future.

"Nitro went out and got it for me because he's my new best friend," Dykstra said.

Kenny said Nitro brought him the pelt from the wilds of Los Angeles. The gift is unique to Johnny's end of the country -- fuzzy gold to someone hailing from Worcester, Mass.

"Nitro hunted it for me," Kenny repeated several times. "Nitro -- that's what I call him. He's Johnny Nitro to you."

Kenny insists that although the two Superstars come from very different places, they share the same personality.

"We're very much the same person," he said. "We've both ruled the tag team division, and clearly will again. We are both chiseled out of stone with faces meant for television. Now, we even both have the furs. We might as well be brothers."

Despite falling to The Hardys in tag team action just moments earlier, Kenny was beaming as he spoke.

"Everybody's just jealous," Kenny said about his colleagues' comments. "I know how many people are jealous over the fox. I was the second best-dressed Superstar on Raw. A regular Hollywood A-lister."

Someone might find it hard to thank Johnny Nitro properly for such a thoughtful gesture, but Kenny has something in mind.

"My gift in return to Nitro is being a tag team partner to him so we can win tag team gold," he said.

He added that there are no two Superstars better matched for the job. Kenny even went so far as to say he and Nitro are a better fit than Matt and Jeff Hardy.

"We have a new goal in mind - becoming the next World Tag Team Champions," Kenny claims.

In order to accomplish that goal, will Kenny be able to step away from the mirror and perform up to his partner's standards in the ring? Or will his special gift start to smell before they even get that far?

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