A "Priceless" debut

A "Priceless" debut

DENVER — In today's world, everything has a price. But, joining Raw's roster is priceless. On Monday, moments after World Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes retained their gold, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase made a stunning announcement: He and Mr. McMahon made a deal last week to have his son, Ted DiBase, join the Raw roster (WATCH).

Last week, former Raw General Manager William Regal walked in on Mr. McMahon's conversation with The Million Dollar Man, causing some fans to speculate about Raw's now-open General Manager position. The signing of the third-generation Superstar with Raw ended a negotiation battle between the DiBiases, SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero and ECW GM Armando Estrada.

Minutes before father and son left Denver's Pepsi Center in The Million Dollar Man's Cadillac Escalade limousine, the two granted WWE.com an exclusive interview.

"I'm priceless because I represent the third-generation of the DiBiase dynasty — wrestling runs deep in my veins," DiBiase said when asked to explain his comments directed toward Holly and Rhodes on Raw. "My grandmother and my grandfather ["Iron" Mike DiBiase] were both wrestlers. My father, as we all know, is The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. They were all dominating forces in their eras. I will continue that legacy and dominate Raw."

The Million Dollar Man was upbeat about his son's future on Raw noting he sees a lot of himself in his son.

"In terms of his style, great looks, and fabulous physique, I see the genetic code in him," DiBiase said with his signature grin. "There's no doubt in my mind he will sit on top of the wrestling world as a champion."

The third-generation Superstar earned a degree in business administration from Mississippi College, and trained under long time family friend and WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race. His acquired skills and overall natural abilities have given the new Raw addition confidence that he will bring the same level of dominance to the ring that earned his father the 1988 King of the Ring and three World Tag Team Championships. 

"My father was the smartest and most talented Superstar in his era. When he stepped into the ring he took care of business and knew exactly what to do," DiBiase gloated. "He had a game plan. If he wasn't sure it was going his way, he knew exactly what it took to come out on top. I plan on using those same instincts on Raw and will do absolutely what it takes to be on top."

Now that he's in WWE, DiBiase is confident he'll make immediate impact on Raw and hopes every Superstar is on notice.

"I know how much talent is on this roster. It's the best in the world. Despite the talent, I guarantee you this: I will earn the respect that I deserve of every man on this roster and will become a champion," DiBiase explained.

When asked which WWE championship he had his eyes on first, the younger DiBiase paused, shot us a shrewd smile, hopped into the stretched limousine with his father and drove off. 

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