It's All About the Mon-ayy!

It's All About the Mon-ayy!

DENVER -- In front of tens of thousands of fans inside the Mile-High City's Pepsi Center, Mr. McMahon unleashed a shocking proclamation — he's bringing back the WWE Draft.

He then proceeded to outdo himself.

In a blockbuster announcement, the Chairman declared that he will be handing out $1 million of his own money live on Raw.

The contest comes on the heels of William Regal's forced departure from Raw. According to Mr. McMahon, the former Raw General Manager had so displeased fans with his egotistical antics — turning off the lights and cutting short the broadcast — that the Chairman found it necessary to prove his appreciation for their viewer loyalty.

For inspiration, Superstars offered their own recommendations. Mickie James proposed allowing schools to win a WWE Diva for a day and JBL recommended giving away squares of the crimson-soaked ring mat after he and John Cena's First Blood Match at One Night Stand.

After declaring his intent to bring back the WWE Draft, making all Superstars, Divas and announcers from all shows eligible, Mr. McMahon dropped the million-dollar bombshell. He proclaimed to a shocked audience at Denver's Pepsi Center that he will give away $1 million of his own money live on Raw.

With a contest of this magnitude, what could Mr. McMahon possibly be thinking? What could prompt the Chairman to give away his own money? While our usual sources are suprisingly quiet regarding this epic announcement, there has been an explosive reaction from WWE Fan Nation.

One user said, "I don't know why he's giving it away ... I just know that I want it!"

Another pondered, "Maybe there's something that McMahon isn't telling us. People don't give away that much money just for nothing."

Whatever the reason, will attempt to have more information on Mr. McMahon's shocking announcement.

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