WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive: A paesan promise?

WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive: A paesan promise?

Originally, it was just "Rodney the Piper" who Santino Marella had a problem with after he smacked the taste out of his mouth a few weeks ago on Raw. Now it's late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Sal? More bizarre things may have happened, but this pairing of a WWE Hall of Famer and his Superfan have made the Braggadocios Italian Superstar's life a walking slapstick comedy act, and he's none too happy. 

Last week on Raw, after Santino's version of Piper's Pit was broken up by the real Piper, and Sal force-fed Marella some cake, the host of "Santino's Casa" challenged Cousin Sal to a match which the skirted Scot quickly accepted on Sal's behalf.

As footage showed tonight on Raw and last week on WWE.com, Piper has Sal training for his impending match next Friday when SmackDown emanates from The STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. After it aired, Santino Marella responded to Cousin Sal's training. What is his promise for Sal? Watch the video available exclusively through WWE Mobile on AT&T. Don't have Ringside yet? Subscribe or switch today.

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