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From Bad to Worse

In the aftermath of this past week's RAW, Mr. McMahon has issued an order for next week's RAW. The Chairman has declared that on Monday night, Shawn Michaels will be forced to take on all five members of the Spirit Squad in a Handicap Match. 

Last Monday on RAW, Shawn Michaels narrowly escaped a sure injury when he ducked out of the way of a Triple H sledgehammer which instead hit the boss's son Shane. In recent months, HBK has been forced to face the Spirit Squad in a number of different scenarios, but none have been as imposing as next week's 5-on-1. After months of being Mr. McMahon's personal target, can HBK somehow escape from his clutches again? Tune in to USA at 9/8 CT for Monday Night RAW to find out.

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