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The Game of Sorry

WWE.com has learned that Mr. McMahon is demanding Triple H make a public apology this Monday on RAW. The Chairman's decision comes less than one week after The Game inadvertently crushed Shane's skull with a sledgehammer during the main event of last week's RAW.

The incident occurred when Shane, who was officiating the Kenny vs. Shawn Michaels main event match, held a battered HBK up for Triple H to nail with the weapon. HBK, however, ducked at the last instant and the King of Kings wound up hitting Shane instead (WATCH).

Following the incident, a remorseful Triple H retreated up the ramp as a devastated Mr. McMahon cradled his fallen son's unconscious frame while RAW went off the air. Be sure to tune in to RAW this week as The Chairman demands an apology out of The Game.

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