Why, Randy, why?

Why, Randy, why?

MOLINE, Ill. -- "In any professional sport, an injury equals a bull's-eye. And I took advantage of it."

Those were the exact words of the proud and remorseless Legend Killer himself, Randy Orton, when he explained to the booing fans on Raw why he savagely attacked Shawn Michaels before their match at Judgment Day.

With HBK having suffered through numerous head injuries since 1995, including two concussions over the past three weeks, the Legend Killer claimed that he did what any smart professional would do: He took advantage of HBK's weak spot and beat him.

Showing no compassion in his eyes, Orton smirked, "It's not my fault Shawn Michaels didn't listen to doctor's orders. So I took Shawn out. And I would do it again. I AM Randy Orton and I AM the Legend Killer."

From a separated shoulder to numerous concussions, Orton has, in fact, also experienced injury before, and he knows what it's like to have his weak spot targeted and attacked. Orton believes that it's a smart game plan for any Superstar to have; to go after the weak spot of his opponent and finish him off to score the victory.

From the recent actions of Randy Orton, his goal of reigniting his career has apparently been achieved and the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history has overnight taken several large steps towards once again seizing greatness.

Whispers in the locker room say that Orton might have ended the career of one of the greatest performers of all time, and that Randy Orton won't stop there.

"Shawn Michaels is in my way," claimed the callous third-generation Superstar in an exclusive WWE.com interview Monday afternoon. "Well, he was in my way. Nothing will stop me."

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