Championship Controversy?

Championship Controversy?

MOLINE, Ill. -- John Cena may have made The Great Khali tap out at Judgment Day, but less than 24 hours later, controversy is swirling around last night's WWE Championship Match.

As the photograph to the right shows, Khali's massive size 18EEEE boot was clearly under the bottom rope as he tapped out for the first time ever. Rumors are flying that Khali and his translator will be at Raw tonight, and in all likelihood, Khali will present his case to the public.

It took everything Cena had last night to take the monstrous Khali off his feet, with The Champ needing to use the steel ring steps to do so near the conclusion of the intense battle. Unfortunately for Khali, referee Mike Chioda was so intensely watching Khali's face and hands in looking for a submission that he never noticed the giant's massive foot underneath the bottom rope.

Should Khali present his case tonight, what will become of this shocking revelation and Cena's improbable victory last night?

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