Together again

Together again

John Cena and Shawn Michaels have spent a lot of time together in the first half of 2007. It didn't matter if they were on each other's side or in each other's face, they've pushed each other to the limit physically and mentally. But something even stronger than Cena and Michaels' unyielding competitive spirit has emerged from their rivalry: RESPECT.

And that respect manifested itself Monday night after Raw went off the air. That's when John Cena joined other WWE Officials at ringside to tend to Shawn Michaels after Michaels was the victim of a grisly attack at the hands of his Judgment Day opponent, Randy Orton.

Michaels, still recovering from the effects of a concussion suffered at the hands of The Great Khali last week, had just emerged victorious over new World Heavyweight Champion Edge in Edge's farewell match on Raw. That's when Orton took advantage of a physically spent Michaels and attacked him. Orton culminated his assault on Michaels with a vicious kick to HBK's already injured head. After the Raw cameras stopped rolling, captured EXCLUSIVE footage of Cena, who earlier in the night had been manhandled for a third straight week at the hands of The Great Khali, coming to check on his fallen colleague.

After Raw, it's obvious that Shawn Michaels will be less than 100 percent when he faces Orton this Sunday. And Cena himself said Monday night that many are predicting more of an execution than a match when he faces The Great Khali. And so now, these two great rivals, Cena and Michaels, find themselves together again. But this time it's not as a tag team, rather they find themselves together in a similar position: walking into Judgment Day this Sunday as the walking wounded.

Watch the exclusive video of John Cena tending to Shawn Michaels.

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