Run Shane, run!

Run Shane, run!

HAMPTON, Va.-- The newly anointed Dr. McMahon clearly didn't have healing on his mind when he viciously smashed his championship gold into Bobby Lashley's skull. Moments after overpowering Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman, Lashley fell victim to a surprise attack by Umaga and Shane McMahon. Lashley almost grabbed the younger McMahon as they raced out of the arena, but in the end, the ECW Superstar was outsmarted by the Chairman who laid him out with the very championship gold he used to carry with pride.

For weeks, the McMahons have ruthlessly demoralized the powerful Lashley. Will he be able to buck the odds and defeat his three opponents at Judgment Day? Or have the wily McMahons and Umaga successfully broken their rival's spirit? Leading up to the match scheduled for this weekend, Lashley has honored the no-touch rule set in place by the Chairman. If he so much as touched the McMahons or Umaga (without provocation), Lashley would lose his ECW World Championship opportunity. Looking toward Sunday and a match that will no doubt push Lashley to the limit, will the former Army sergeant be able to keep his head about him and come out a victor? Or will the punishment and humiliation he has been forced to absorb prove too much weight for even the strong shoulders of Bobby Lashley to carry?

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