Orton stands tall

Orton stands tall

HAMPTON, Va. -- For the second time in one month, Shawn Michaels defeated a champion on Raw, pinning Edge to send the new World Heavyweight Champion packing to SmackDown. But as the broadcast went off the air, it was HBK's Judgment Day opponent, Randy Orton, who was standing tall in the ring.
As Raw began, HBK didn't even know that he would be facing Edge. However, after coming out at the end of the Rated-R Superstar's farewell speech (where he said he wouldn't give the fans one last match), he was met with a challenge.
"You want a match? How about tonight, HBK vs. Edge? I will enjoy kicking your butt as much as I enjoyed beating up Undertaker," Edge crowed.
Before the match began, Orton told HBK that he would be watching. What he saw was a groggy Michaels, still feelings the effects of the concussion he suffered last week on Raw, fall victim to an early blow to the head and suffer a severe beating from Edge. Toward the end of the match, it looked like the World Heavyweight Champion would follow through on his prophecy, and by the looks of the huge smile on his face, he was certainly enjoying his final Raw match.
However, the always resilient HBK shook off the cobwebs, and was able to turn the tide by avoiding a flying bodypress from Edge. With the capacity crowd in Hampton cheering him on, HBK soon made Edge's Raw swan song a sour tune, instead playing some Sweet Chin Music to pick up the win.
That's when the opportunistic Orton struck.
As HBK celebrated, The Legend Killer hit the ring and jumped his Judgment Day opponent. Orton used his fists to batter HBK, finishing off with a vicious low blow. As if that weren't heinous enough, The Legend Killer then gave Michaels a thunderous stomp to the head, capitalizing on Michaels' pre-existing ailment. Orton then stood over his fallen adversary with a stern look on his face as the capacity crowd in the Hampton Coliseum stood in stunned silence.
It certainly seems as if Orton has gained the advantage heading into their battle on Sunday. Will HBK even be at 100 percent after what happened on Raw?  Get a Free DVD when you order the Judgment Day 2007 webcast. Click here to learn more...

Watch the video of Edge vs. HBK and Orton's attack.

Get a Free DVD when you order the Judgment Day 2007 webcast. Click here to learn more...

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