Giant genius?

Giant genius?

HAMPTON, Va. -- For the third time in as many weeks, the gargantuan Great Khali has physically decimated and humiliated WWE Champion John Cena.

Three weeks ago on Raw, Cena called out the mysterious attacker who was responsible for backstage attacks on Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and Edge. Even Cena must have been stunned when the more than 7-foot tall Khali stepped out into the auditorium. Raw went off the air that night with Khali destroying The Champ. Last week, The Great Khali walked out of the arena with the WWE Championship in his monstrous hands, embarrassing the title's rightful owner. With one simple move, this behemoth has managed to do what most Superstars have only dreamt of -- he has gotten inside the head of the WWE Champion.

On the last Raw before Cena puts his WWE Championship on the line at Judgment Day, The Champ spoke from the heart to the sold-out crowd, "The Great Khali took something of mine, and I want it back right now!" Moments later, the two Superstars once again locked horns in a confrontation that left Cena out cold.

So if Khali has gotten into Cena's head, does his genius match his incredible stature? Does anyone (Cena included) think that the WWE Champion can retain his title when facing such a powerful foe?

After receiving medical attention following Khali's attack, Cena regained coherence and was said to be seen in the trainer's room full of anger. was scheduled to get an interview from The Champ, so check back here on Tuesday for more.

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