Angered management

Angered management

PITTSBURGH -- "The sole advantage of power is that you can do more good." -- Baltasar Gracian

It's a pretty solid bet that Vickie Guerrero has never heard that quote. And while her reign as Raw's General Manager proved mercifully brief, the ripples she caused are certain to reverberate for weeks to come.

Randy Orton def. Edge & Ted DiBiase in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
While the odds were against him, Randy Orton somehow managed to slither out of Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena with a huge win. After orders from Raw's new General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, The Viper was forced to compete in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match against Edge and The Rated-R Superstar's hand-picked partner, Ted DiBiase. During the bout, Orton capitalized on a distraction from R-Truth, who gleefully watched as his tormentor DiBiase suffered the pin.

The drama continued to unfold as Orton trained his fury on Guerrero. Before he could sink his fangs into her, however, she frantically resigned her post as Raw GM. While Vickie scampered away, Edge tried to sneak up on his former Rated-RKO partner, but WWE's Apex Predator turned the tables and leveled The Ultimate Opportunist with a ruinous RKO -- the second in two weeks -- outside of the ring.

Buzz Aldrin to act as special guest host in a two-hour, commercial-free Raw next week
It'll be one small step for man, one giant leap for the WWE Universe when famed U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin drops by to host a two-hour, commercial-free edition of Monday Night Raw in Toronto. Also next week, in addition to the United States Title Match, WWE Champion John Cena will face off against Sheamus.

Mark Henry vs. Batista ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Batista's rage wouldn't allow him to wait. Before his opponent, Mark Henry, even entered the ring, The Animal attacked. Undoubtedly feeding off of Henry's earlier assistance in helping WWE Champion John Cena, Batista punished The World's Strongest Man, making him tap out in pain. The sadistic showcase proved a clear message to The Champ: If I can make The World's Strongest Man tap out, I can make you say, "I quit."

NXT Rookies def. Raw Superstars in a 4-on-8 Tag Team Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With just 24 hours remaining until one of them is eliminated from the competition, you can be sure that all eight NXT Rookies were out to impress as they battled four Raw Superstars. In the end, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield, Wade Barrett, David "A-List" Otunga, Michael Tarver & Darren Young defeated Santino Marella, John Morrison, Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust when Bryan managed a pin on Marella - his first win in WWE - and gained precious momentum going into Tuesday's elimination ceremony.

Unified Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd def. United States Champion The Miz in a Non-Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Unlike his opponent, Tyson Kidd let his actions do the talking. Kidd avenged his partner's earlier loss to Chris Jericho by defeating Jericho's partner, United States Champion The Miz. Kidd's win earned a title match for one member of The Hart Dynasty next Monday night.

As The Hart Dynasty -- including Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya -- celebrated, Miz smugly informed them that the contract stipulates that were he to lose, he would get to choose which member of the Hart family he will compete against. His decision? Next Monday night in Toronto, the United States Champion will defend his title against WWE Hall of Famer Bret "Hit Man" Hart!

WWE Champion John Cena announced "I Quit" Title Match at Over the Limit (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After being attacked last week by Sheamus before he could announce the stipulations for his WWE Title Match against Batista at Over the Limit, John Cena was determined to cut to the chase. The championship bout will be an "I Quit" Match, meaning, to win, a Superstar must punish his opponent enough to make them say, "I quit."

After the announcement, The Champ called out The Celtic Warrior to avenge his ambush from a week earlier. As Sheamus approached the ring, The Animal slipped in as well, and the two powerhouses double-teamed their rival. Before medical personnel were needed, Mark Henry raced to Cena's rescue and chased off his attackers.

Evan Bourne def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Zack Ryder's boasts continue to hold about as much water as a drained hot tub. Once again, The Long Island Lothario brought out Alicia Fox and Gail Kim to watch him compete. And once again, Ryder came up empty. This time, Ryder lost to Evan Bourne after Alicia tried to help him only to be stopped by Gail. After the match, a disgusted Gail left her fellow Diva to tend to Ryder and ended up leaving with "Air" Bourne.

R-Truth def. William Regal by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Money can't buy everything -- but it certainly helps. Unfortunately for R-Truth, that axiom became evident during his bout against William Regal. With special guest host Flavor Flav cheering him on at ringside, Truth had Regal on the ropes when Carlito & Primo Colon charged the ring and threw Truth a devious beat-down.

As the Boriqua brothers scurried up the entrance ramp, they were greeted by Ted DiBiase, who had offended Truth weeks earlier by proposing that he become DiBiase's "Virgil," a reference to the man-servant of his father. The younger DiBiase shook hands with the Colons and indicated to a dazed Truth that, like so many before them, they too had a price and were willing to do his bidding.

Chris Jericho def. Unified Tag Team Champion David Hart Smith (PHOTOS | WATCH)
When Chris Jericho was drafted to Monday nights, the self-important Superstar quickly gravitated toward the one man whose sense of self rivals his own: United States Champion The Miz. Once aligned, the "Screaming Egos" immediately formulated a plan to capture the Unified Tag Team Titles from The Hart Dynasty.

Consider them one step closer after Jericho faced off against David Hart Smith in singles competition. Thanks to a Jericho victory, he and Miz will now receive a Unified Tag Team Title Match at Over the Limit.

Randy Orton attacked singer Meat Loaf; Edge announced Vickie Guerrero as Raw GM (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Randy Orton was trying to make a point. As he discussed his distrust of Edge inside of Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena, however, singer Meat Loaf barged in like a bat out of … well, you know. The Grammy Award-winning artist explained that he was in town promoting his latest album "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" and is a huge fan of The Viper. Just when Mr. Loaf prepared to belt out one of his new tunes, though, Orton leveled him with an RKO.

In the commotion that followed, Edge emerged to inform his former tag team partner that a new permanent General Manager of Raw was being installed at his behest: Vickie Guerrero. Guerrero, who had previously been married to The Rated-R Superstar, also appeared to insist that her relationship with The Ultimate Opportunist would not affect her decision-making. Unfortunately, her argument rang hollow when, moments later, she announced a 2-on-1 Handicap Match pitting Orton against Edge and a partner of his choosing for later in the evening as a means to reprimand The Viper.

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