Rated R for Rematch

Going into last week's edition of RAW, Edge was looking forward to Mick Foley being his guest on the Cutting Edge. Edge was looking forward to publicly ridiculing Mick for beating Foley at his own game in their Hardcore Match at WrestleMania. Unfortunately for Edge, what he was looking for and what he received were two different things. Foley issued Edge a challenge, a challenge for a WrestleMania rematch- a Hardcore Match- on this week's edition of RAW.

"Being the Rated-R Superstar, I have to live up to the reputation. Did I want to go through this match again? No, but when you're put in a spot like that on TV and on your own segment, what can I do?," said Edge in an exclusive interview with WWE.com.

As Edge prepares for his upcoming Hardcore rematch things are a bit different for him. Edge has had a chance to dance with the devil.

"I will give the devil his due, Mick Foley took me to the absolute limit, but I took him further," he said.

"I proved that not only am I a Hardcore Legend, but I am also a Hardcore Icon now. I defeated the supposed Hardcore Legend and to me, I surpassed him. I took his throne, I sat down, and it's nice and cushy. The crown feels good. I'm a Hardcore King, that's why I decided to take him on once again in a Hardcore Match."

Edge may now consider himself a "Hardcore King", but his ascension to the crown was far from easy. The Rated-R Superstar will need to once again summon an immeasurable amount of strength and spirit to emerge victorious. Their first encounter was trying enough, leaving Edge mentally and physically scarred forever. There's no telling as to whether or not he'll be able to do it a second time.  

"I was pushed to the absolute limit of my abilities, to the limits of my mental abilities. As I saw myself running towards a flaming table head-first, a lot of things went through my mind. Will my face catch on fire? Will I have any hair left after this? Will I…live? Those things go through your mind and once you do go through that and end up with second degree burns on your arms and your hands, and end up a human pin cushion with blood gushing into your eyes, yeah you don't feel great for a long time and I'm still not fully recovered."

It was a grueling encounter the first time these two men went to war against each other, and it certainly won't be any different when they face each other in the rematch. Edge knows what he's up against- one of the most formidable opponents he has ever faced.

"I thought about whom my toughest opponents are and who my favorite opponents are and it's a hell of a list. You have your Chris Benoits, your Eddie Guerreros, your Kurt Angles, Triple Hs and John Cenas, and if I had to choose from a pure physical ‘I don't know if I can survive it standpoint,' it would be Chris Benoit and Mick Foley," he said.

Not only is Mick Foley considered one of Edge's toughest opponents, but he is also Edge's most Hardcore adversary. Edge has been involved and excelled in many innovative and dangerous matches over the years and is well aware of his victory at WrestleMania and what it means.

"I started becoming known for Ladder Matches, Tables, Ladders and Chairs Matches, Table Matches, Steel Cage Matches, this isn't my first barbeque. I've been in some pretty hellacious things before. I was one of the innovators of the TLC Match; some would arguably say that I am the master of the Ladder Match. I've been in more of them than anybody. So I think the Hardcore Match was kind of an extension of that. Mind you, it's been an extension that took me further than a Ladder Match or TLC Match ever has. It was the most brutal, most physical, most disgusting match I've ever been in a part of in my life. I'm now trying to get back into that mindset for this coming Monday."

As Foley said on Saturday, in an exclusive interview with WWE.com, "This week's RAW will be a memorable one that the people watching will not forget. I wants the fans to be talking about the match the next day. That's the only thing important to me."

Edge is beyond confident that he will once again defeat Mick Foley, promising to deliver an unforgettable match this Monday night.

"I know they won't forget the first one, so why should they forget the second?"

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