Rated RK-Owned

Rated RK-Owned

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- With an entirely new constellation of Superstar draftees moving into its orbit, the Raw roster promised to be an altered universe. As if to punctuate that point, former SmackDown Superstar Chris Jericho devestated the Unified Tag Team Champions with the help of an unlikely ally and Edge nearly laid waste to a former friend before feeling the pain of angry fangs.

Edge hosted "The Cutting Edge" with guests Wayne Brady and Randy Orton (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Edge's first order of business upon opening his talk show, "The Cutting Edge," was to explain why he Speared Randy Orton last week during the No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match. He told the audience that he wanted to make Raw his show, just like he had done with SmackDown. Good start.

The Rated-R Superstar then introduced Raw's special guest host Wayne Brady, who discussed his game show Let's Make a Deal and his new stage show in Las Vegas. Before the segment ended, Orton interrupted. The Viper slithered into the ring and leveled Brady with an RKO. He then listened as The Ultimate Opportunist tried to talk him into reforming their dominating partnership, Rated-RKO. When Orton appeared indifferent, Edge became irate.

Tensions flared and Orton tried to capitalize with an RKO. Edge fought him off and set up for a Spear, but The Viper quickly struck, leaving his former tag team partner on the canvas in the wake of a vengeful RKO.

Flavor Flav to act as special guest host of Raw next week
Set your clocks -- Flavor Flav brings his unique perspective to Raw next week to act as the show's special guest host. The famous rapper and reality show star is sure to have the WWE Universe buzzing on live TV. Yeaaaaaaaaaa, Booooyyyyyeeeee!

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty def. William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov; Chris Jericho & The Miz attacked (PHOTOS | WATCH)
It didn't take long for Chris Jericho to make his presence felt. One week after being recruited to the red brand, the self-important Superstar teamed up with equally egotistical Miz to attack Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty.

Raw Supplemental draftees David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd had just defeated William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov and were celebrating with fellow draftee Natalya when Jericho & The Miz entered the ring to make their statement. Raw roster, you've been warned.

Mark Henry def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Oh, that's gotta hurt. When Zack Ryder lost his girlfriend Rosa Mendes after she was drafted to SmackDown, The Long Island Lothario invited Gail Kim and Alicia Fox to watch him battle Primo. Sadly for Ryder, special guest host Wayne Brady slotted Mark Henry to compete instead. The match didn't go quite as Ryder had hoped. In fact, The World's Strongest Man punished the cocky Superstar, humiliating him in front of his potential lady friends.

Maryse def. Nikki Bella (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Maryse proved once again that she must have been a nightmare in high school. Not only does she love talking trash about her fellow Divas, she can also put them in their place if they complain.

The conceited Canadian faced off against Nikki Bella and defeated the brunette beauty as twin sister Brie looked on. After the bout, Maryse displayed photos of herself she'd had taken earlier in the night after attacking Divas Champion Eve. Eve quickly confronted her and a referee had to ensure the two didn't come to blows.

WWE Champion John Cena def. Wade Barrett; Sheamus attacked (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Batista had arranged for WWE Champion John Cena to compete against Chris Jericho in a Beat the Clock Challenge. After witnessing how The Miz handled his earlier scheduled match with Batista, Jericho hewed close to that route. Instead of a doctor's note, the self-important Superstar claimed the match would be a waste of his time and recruited his NXT Rookie Wade Barrett to tackle the challenge of The Champ.

While Barrett proved a worthy competitor, Cena managed to defeat him seconds shy of Batista's posted time, allowing The Champ to name the championship match stipulation. Before he could, however, Sheamus thundered into the ring and attacked, leaving Cena flat on the mat.

John Morrison def. Ted DiBiase by Count-out; Morrison def. DiBiase in rematch (PHOTOS | WATCH)
John Morrison wanted nothing more than to make a good impression in his Raw debut. Unfortunately for him, Ted DiBiase wasn't in the fighting mood.

After suffering a few of Morrison's high-energy maneuvers, DiBiase agreed to be counted out. The Shaman of Sexy refused to accept the easy win and challenged DiBiase to an immediate rematch, even promising to be his man servant were he to lose. The proposal was more than DiBiase could turn down.

In his rematch, Morrison wasn't about to walk away empty handed. After Morrison emerged victorious, his pouty opponent then ambushed him. The underhanded attack prompted Morrison's pal R-Truth to charge in and chase off DiBiase.

Batista def. Daniel Bryan (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Rather than face Batista in a Beat the Clock Challenge, The Miz actually brought a doctor's note excusing him from competition. To increase his lame factor, The Cleveland Screamer then sent his NXT Rookie, Daniel Bryan, to take his place. While The Animal may have relished the thought, Bryan put up an impressive fight, lasting 5:06 before being pinned.

Batista announced Beat the Clock Challenge for himself and WWE Champion John Cena (PHOTOS)
You can pretty much do everything with duct tape. As far as Batista is concerned, however, the one thing you can't do is win a Last Man Standing Match -- at least not since WWE Champion John Cena duct-taped his feet together at Extreme Rules.

After negotiating with WWE officials, Batista arranged two Beat the Clock Challenge bouts, one for Cena and one for himself. Whoever wins their match in the fastest time gets to choose the stipulation for their WWE Championship Match at the upcoming Over the Limit pay-per-view.

As might be expected, Sheamus took exception to Batista's challenge and let him know in no uncertain terms. After Batista's unusual victory in a Triple Threat Match last week involving Sheamus and Randy Orton, who was leveled by a surprise Spear from Edge, the Irishman vowed that he would not relent in his pursuit of the WWE Title. 

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