Mix & matches

Mix & matches

RICHMOND, Va. -- While the outcome of Extreme Rules rattled the WWE Universe just 24 hours prior, the following night's 2010 WWE Draft on a special three-hour Monday Night Raw shook many of the Superstars themselves to their very core. The quake resulted when both the Raw and SmackDown rosters competed in inter-promotional matches to determine which brand would earn a Draft pick. (WATCH)

Further aftershocks will also be felt live on Tuesday, exclusively on WWE.com, as we gear up for the 2010 Supplemental Draft. Be sure to check back for all the latest seismic shifts.

Batista def. Sheamus and Randy Orton in a No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Enraged? Disappointed? Embarrassed? After having his feet duct taped together by WWE Champion John Cena and losing at Extreme Rules, chances are high that Batista was feeling all three. That may explain his motivation for interrupting prior to the match between Sheamus and Randy Orton to become No. 1 contender for the WWE Title.

The Animal growled that he deserved to be part of a No. 1 contender's bout. While The Celtic Warrior and The Viper threw up roadblocks, John Cena settled things, calling for a Triple Threat Match.

With all the treachery, cunning and chilling power ricocheting around the squared circle, Batista managed to redeem himself somewhat by defeating his two opponents, but only after Edge slid into the ring and dropped The Viper with a surprise Spear, which allowed the exhausted Animal to lay an arm across Orton's chest for the three-count.

Hornswoggle def. Dolph Ziggler by Count-out; Chris Jericho drafted to Raw (PHOTOS | WATCH)
It must have seemed almost too easy for Dolph Ziggler, insulting even. His platinum blondness was chosen to go face to … kneecap against Hornswoggle for the final Draft pick. Alas, the wee, wily leprechaun outsmarted Mr. Ziggles when he kept him outside of the ring for a count-out victory. As Hornswoggle danced a little jig, an irate Ziggler locked the sleeper hold on ‘Swoggle and sent him off to dreamland while Raw collected their bounty in the form of Chris Jericho.

Wayne Brady to act as special guest host of Raw next week
Next week, which Superstar will get what's behind Door No. 3 and which Superstar will get a Raw Deal? The WWE Universe will find out when the funnyman and host of the daytime game show Let's Make a Deal, Wayne Brady, drops by to take charge as special guest host of Raw.

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger def. John Morrison; Christian drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Fresh off a tremendous victory at Extreme Rules, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger was chosen to face off against John Morrison to determine which brand would clinch the next Draft pick. For the second time in a 24-hour period, "The All-American American" seized triumph from his opponent. While Swagger celebrated, SmackDown claimed a charismatic pick: Christian.

Chris Jericho def. Christian; Kofi Kingston drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Even when Chris Jericho suffers a loss, like he did to Edge the night before at Extreme Rules, his ego won't let his mouth admit it. After dismissing his Steel Cage defeat, the self-important Superstar fought Raw's Christian for the next Draft pick. When Jericho managed the win, a visibly irate Kofi Kingston was snatched up by the blue brand and promptly charged to the ring and leveled "Mr. Vocabulary."

Ted DiBiase won a 10-Man Dual-Branded Battle Royal; John Morrison, R-Truth and Edge drafted to Raw (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Fighting not just for their respective brands but perhaps for themselves, SmackDown's Rey Mysterio, Kane, R-Truth, Shad & Drew McIntyre faced off against Raw's MVP, Mark Henry, Ted DiBiase, Yoshi Tatsu & Santino Marella in a 10-Man Dual-Branded Battle Royal for the right to three Draft picks. When the sweat had finally settled, it was Raw's DiBiase who managed to earn the pin for his team.

As a result, Raw picked off three of SmackDown's finest: John Morrison, R-Truth and Edge.

WWE Champion John Cena arranged Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the No. 1 contender spot (PHOTOS)
After handing Triple H one of the worst beatings of his storied career at Extreme Rules, Sheamus insisted that he be the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship. Only one problem -- so did five-time former WWE Champion Randy Orton. Amidst their bickering, current titleholder John Cena intervened. The Champ arranged a match between The Celtic Warrior and The Viper with the winner earning an opportunity at the title.

CM Punk def. Evan Bourne; Big Show drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
CM Punk, still clinging to his greasy locks, had narrowly escaped the follicular homicide at Extreme Rules with an underhanded assist when Serena, Luke Gallows and a masked mystery man helped him defeat Rey Mysterio. During Raw, the holier-than-thou leader employed his followers again, including the mystery man, in his fervent attempt to down Evan "Air" Bourne and give SmackDown another pick in the Draft. For their second pick in the Draft, the blue brand selected Big Show.

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Divas Champion Eve & Maryse; Kelly Kelly drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With both the Raw and SmackDown rosters being represented, the first Draft match of the evening fell to Divas Champion Eve & Maryse representing Raw against Michelle McCool & Layla of SmackDown with the winning brand receiving a Draft pick.

Unfortunately for the red brand, Maryse let her ego get the best of her. After relinquishing her Divas Title to Eve a couple of weeks before, the conceited Canadian seemed more interested in fighting with her tag partner, allowing Lay-Cool the opportunity for victory. For their first Draft pick of the evening, SmackDown acquired Kelly Kelly.

Hart Dynasty def. Unified Tag Team Champions Show-Miz (PHOTOS | WATCH)
It must have been a bittersweet night for Big Show & The Miz. While Bret Hart made good on his agreement with the Unified Tag Team Champions and proclaimed that they were "the greatest tag team of all time," the time also came for them to prove it.

After defeating Show-Miz the night before at Extreme Rules to earn a title opportunity, The Hart Dynasty squared off against The Mountain & The Mouth. With Natalya and The "Hit Man" looking on, Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith toppled the duo to capture the Unified Tag Team Titles.

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