JBL refutes NYU professor's Mamajuana claim

JBL refutes NYU professor's Mamajuana claim

In a New York Times article published April 21, Dr. Andrew McCullogh, director of sexual health and male infertility at New York University, was quoted as saying that Layfield Energy's Mamajuana Energy Drink is "marketing hocus pocus" (Read the article here). John "Bradshaw" Layfield issued an exclusive response to WWE.com regarding Dr. McCullough's comments about his best-selling energy drink. 

"Dr. Andrew McCullough mentioned that it was "marketing hocus pocus." What he's talking about is the original ‘mamajuana,' which we have nothing to do with … nothing what-so-ever. To me, it was pretty irresponsible for a guy who's supposed to be a doctor saying something so bogus without knowing what it is."

"If someone wants the veracity of this, try it. Try to make up your own mind. We have had 100 percent of people who've tried it say how great this product is. This doctor doesn't even look at it. All he does is stick up for his pharmaceuticals. That's one of my issues with the pharmaceutical industry — they believe pharmacy is a panacea for absolutely everything. They give drugs for everything. We never claimed to be a drug. We never claimed to cure a disease. We never claimed to cure erectile dysfunction."

"That's not what Mamajuana is for. This is simply the hottest new product that Layfield Energy has out. It's to raise your libido, give you a great sex life and that's all it is for. It's not meant to put a man on the moon. This doctor claiming this is about as irresponsible as you can claim. I hope he does better research for his institution than what he did before the interview for this article."

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