Bloody Good Effort

Bloody Good Effort

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- One man can only take so much. Despite a valiant (and bloody) effort, CM Punk finally succumbed to the relentless punishment foisted upon him during the King of the Ring Tournament.

Punk was forced to confront the returning rampage of Matt Hardy in the first round only to battle Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho in the Semifinal Match. After clawing through these two, the Straightedge Superstar found himself facing off against a blood-thirsty William Regal in the final match.

Unfortunately for Punk, even Mr. Money in the Bank only had so much in reserve. After overcoming an onslaught of adversity, the Straightedge Superstar finally tapped out, yielding to the royal thrashing administered by Regal. After the match, the busted open King of the Ring hopeful required medical attention, receiving a number of stitches, ironically, on the crown of his head. (PHOTOS)

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