Italian Intercontinental surprise

Italian Intercontinental surprise

WWE fans witnessed history as Raw broadcasted from Milan, Italy for the first time ever. While the location of the show was big, the crowning of a new Intercontinental Champion was even bigger!

As Raw began, Mr. McMahon joined his Executive Assistant, Jonathan Coachman, in the ring and introduced Intercontinental Champion Umaga to the capacity crowd. The Chairman explained that ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley (who suffered a concussion at the hands of the McMahons last week) would not be able to attend the WWE European tour due to some problems with customs. After offering up a chance at Umaga's championship to anyone on the roster, Mr. McMahon did the unthinkable and pulled a WWE fan out of the crowd to face the Samoan Bulldozer for the gold.     

An unassuming Italian man wearing a pair of bright red shoes waltzed into the ring to square off with over 300 pounds of Samoan power. The man introduced himself as Santino Marella, and was able to give the Intercontinental Champion a run for his money — until Mr. McMahon declared the contest a No Holds Barred Match. As Umaga climbed to the top rope, it looked like Marella's career would be over before it began.

Bobby Lashley then blasted into the ring and slammed Umaga's hulking frame to the mat. The ensuing scuffle left Umaga on his back long enough for Lashley to aid Marella in a cover. With the win, it became the first time in sports-entertainment history that a fan won the Intercontinental Championship! In an interview with Jerry "The King" Lawler minutes later, Marella thanked Lashley and of course, Italy. What lies ahead for this unlikely champion?

In the main event of the night, WWE Champion John Cena faced Edge & Randy Orton in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match scheduled by Jonathan Coachman. The WWE Champion took numerous blows to the head, but was able to muscle his way through the incredible pain. After Edge accidentally speared Orton, Cena's former tag team partner Shawn Michaels entered the fray. Sweet Chin Music from HBK intended for Cena left Edge out cold, which gave Cena the opportunity to deliver an FU to Michaels, pin Edge and pick up another impressive win. Next week on Raw, Cena will face Michaels in their first one-on-one encounter since WrestleMania.       

Later in the night, Lance Cade overpowered Jeff Hardy while both of their tag team partners looked on. The partnership of Cade & Murdoch seems to be on a roll lately, and this win should give them a little extra confidence when they face The Hardys at Backlash on April 29, only on pay-per-view. 

Also on Raw, a T-Bone Suplex from Shelton Benjamin helped secure a win for the World's Greatest Tag Team over Ric Flair & Carlito. Carlito put in a tremendous effort and seemed frustrated after the loss, shrugging off both Flair and Torrie Wilson.

As the fashion capital of the world, Milan was the perfect place for a Diva fashion show. When Torrie was declared the winner, a jealous Melina attacked the blonde beauty. Mickie James was on the Women's Champion in a moment, and soon a Diva free-for-all was underway.

Melina's boyfriend, Johnny Nitro, said he would beat some respect into Eugene and ended up doing just that. Also, "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters failed to get respect from the WWE fans, but did succeed in defeating Super Crazy in their match.

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