Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

ALBANY, N.Y. - Anyone who thought that the pedal-to-the-metal battle for the WWE Championship would slow down after WrestleMania, prepare to buckle up for a Fatal Four Way.

The first hairpin turn sprang up on Monday night when Raw General Manager William Regal announced that the title match at Backlash, in less than three weeks, would pit reigning champion Randy Orton against media maven, JBL.

As if that weren't enough to rev up fans, Triple H interrupted Regal to make the case that it should be he battling for the title. While the GM did not oblige The Game, he did offer him a chance — arranging a Handicap Match between Triple H and Orton & JBL. Were Triple H to prevail, he would earn his way into a Triple Threat Title Match at Backlash.

Never the best of friends, Orton and JBL refused to work together to bring down The Game. As a result, Triple H burned through the discontented duo to secure a spot in the title match at Backlash. Before The Cerebral Assassin could rejoice, however, his other WrestleMania opponent emerged to put the brakes on his celebration.

John Cena interrupted to argue that he, too, deserved an opportunity at the title. Despite the protestations of Orton, Regal offered Cena the same chance that he offered Triple H. Only this time, were the leader of the Chain Gang to win his Handicap Match against Triple H & JBL, the championship encounter at Backlash would now be a Fatal Four Way.

Hoping to better his odds and preserve the "Age of Orton," the Legend Killer stood ringside and implored JBL to put Cena away, but the former WWE Champion would not go quietly. He held on as tensions between JBL and Triple H mounted until finally the tag team partners turned on one another.

A panicked Orton tried in vain to corral the two back into the ring to face Cena. Rather than help, however, Orton found himself on the receiving end of an errant JBL punch. As a result, the Legend Killer lost his cool and leveled JBL with an RKO. Cena quickly took advantage and covered the media maven for the three-count.

With Triple H and Cena now joining Orton and JBL in a Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Championship at Backlash, fans can be assured of one thing: A bloody, brutal pileup is bound to take place before anyone has a chance to cross the finish line.

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