Vickie Guerrero: Raw?

Vickie Guerrero: Raw?

As announced on Monday night, Vickie Guerrero will be transitioning from her interim position on Raw to taking the reins as the show's permanent General Manager, but why she would choose to leave SmackDown remains a mystery.

When WWE's Board of Directors offered Vickie Guerrero the opportunity to act as Raw's interim General Manager in addition to her duties as SmackDown GM, they also stipulated that she would be allowed to choose which show she would like to run following the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Making this fact known to the WWE Universe on Raw, Vickie went on to make her choice known: Starting the Monday directly following WrestleMania, Vickie Guerrero will be the official General Manager of Raw. This move has left the WWE Universe with a lot of questions about why Vickie would choose to leave SmackDown, the home brand of both her husband, World Heavyweight Champion Edge and her lover, Big Show.

Having married the World Heavyweight Champion, Vickie has an established record of going after some of the most successful ring warriors on the WWE roster. But the future Raw GM also has a wandering eye, as evidenced by her recent trysts with The World's Largest Athlete. As Raw is the home of such dominant Superstars as John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk, perhaps Vickie is ready for something new and hopes to freshen up her personal roster.

Though the WWE Universe is accustomed to seeing Vickie at her most manipulative, it's possible that her motivations for moving to Raw are rather straightforward. Since the beginning, Vickie has always been a part of SmackDown, where she found great success, bringing both the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles to the brand not once, but twice during her tenure as General Manager. But, having run SmackDown so long, maybe Vickie is ready to tackle a new challenge, one that takes place live every Monday night.

Soon after the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, it will be "time to shake things up again," as the entire WWE roster is subjected to the 2009 Draft. As evidenced by years past, the Draft dramatically changes the landscape of all three WWE brands, invigorating them with new blood. Both Raw and SmackDown are sure to be very different shows following the draft, but maybe Vickie just didn't want to wait the extra week to mix things up.

Working on Raw also provides a benefit that many in the WWE Universe probably don't think about. For you, SmackDown is the most exciting two hours on network television, but for those on the show, it's a challenging, difficult (albeit exciting) job. By moving to Raw, Vickie will have her Friday nights free for whatever she likes. If her hubby Edge gets drafted to Raw, then we'd suggest using the time for marriage counseling.

Everyone knows that USA Network is the home of Monday Night Raw, but that channel also hosts a bevy of their own fantastic original programming. A stand-out among these is Burn Notice, costarring Bruce Campbell (and his imposing chin of course). The cult-favorite actor's smarmy charm reminds in no small way of The Rated-R Superstar himself, Edge -- could this all be part of Vickie's plan to get closer to the cast of USA Network's original series?

To find out how Vickie does in her new role, and who else might be joining the Raw roster, make sure to watch the 2009 WWE Draft on a special three-hour Raw at 9/8 CT only on USA Network.

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