Raw gets Rev'd up

Raw gets Rev'd up

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Less than 24 hours after sitting mere feet from the action at WrestleMania XXIV, rock band Rev Theory couldn't get enough and were live at the Amway Arena for Monday Night Raw.

"We played on Sunday at WrestleMania [at Fan Axxess] and the experience was amazing," explained the band's mohawked lead vocalist, Rich Luzzi. "We were invited to come back tonight and sit in the audience for Raw and watch the show. We were more than happy to do so."

Mere miles away from the Citrus Bowl, the site of a historic night in sports-entertainment, Rev Theory was eager to be WWE's special guests for the second night in a row in Orlando.

"Our music and live shows evoke a lot of emotion, and every single night that you come to a WWE show, it's a spectacle," Rich added. "That's what we try to do every single day when we write songs and perform live."

He continued, "Rock music and the [WWE Fan Nation] parallel each other. It's an unbelievable fit."

The energetic Rev Theory vocalist was joined by his four fellow band members -- Dave, Matt, Julien and Rikki Lixx -- in preparation for one of the most critical editions of Raw this year, in the fallout of The Biggest Spectacle of Them All. Their first song with WWE -- one of the theme songs for WrestleMania XXIV -- is "Light It Up," off their upcoming album of the same name, available on June 10.

"It's just the perfect fit," said Rev Theory's enthusiastic guitarist, Julien Jorgensen. "We feel like the song itself is a high energy song. It's an endemic song and we feel like WrestleMania XXIV is an endemic event … it was a perfect partner."

Since the birth of WWE's relationship with Rev Theory, the group's members have most assuredly been living the second of their childhood dreams -- the first being a career as rock stars -- by meeting the WWE Superstars and Divas.

"It's been surreal," Jorgensen admitted. "We grew up loving wrestling, and it was a big part of our childhoods from the earliest WrestleManias. To actually see and meet a lot of the Superstars now and see how big they are, it's a surreal and a cool experience."

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