Road warriors

Road warriors

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The Road to WrestleMania ends in just six days when the WWE Universe descends upon Phoenix for the biggest event in all of entertainment. Tonight, though, the twists, turns and dangerous curves continued to pop up along the way.

John Cena brawled with WWE Champion Batista (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In what was billed as a "Final Face-Off," WWE Champion Batista and John Cena had an opportunity to confront each other less than a week before clashing on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

The Animal, surrounded by bodyguards, kicked off the trash talking by describing how he's intimidated and gotten inside the head of his opponent. Cena fired back, saying that Batista will never keep him down, no matter what. After the WWE Champion snarled his reply, Cena had heard enough: He decimated Batista's bodyguard detail before trading blows with The Animal himself. WrestleMania may be six days away, but the fireworks tonight would not be contained.

Members of the cast of Hot Tub Time Machine to act as next week's special guest hosts
Just 24 hours after WrestleMania goes off, members of the cast of the comedy Hot Tub Time Machine will soak up the thrilling atmosphere when Raw broadcasts from Phoenix. You're going to want to catch all the action … and don't forget to bring a towel!

Divas Champion Maryse, Women's Champion Michelle McCool & Layla def. Eve, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix (PHOTOS | WATCH)
When Women's Champion Michelle McCool and her cohort Layla darted into the ring last week to assist Diva's Champion Maryse, the targets of their ire paid a heavy price. This week, McCool, Layla and Maryse made their allegiance official and extracted yet another toll, this time from Gail Kim and her partners Eve & Beth Phoenix. After McCool scored the win, she and her brazen teammates celebrated alongside SmackDown Consultant Vicki Guerrero.

2010 WWE Hall of Fame inductee announcement: Bob Uecker
Baseball great Pete Rose will be joined in the WWE Hall of Fame by baseball not-so-great Bob Uecker, a ringside announcer at WrestleMania III and WrestleMania IV. The former catcher made a career out of lampooning his mediocre playing days. He also gave many memorable announcing moments behind a WWE microphone, earning him a special place in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2010.

Shawn Michaels def. Kane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
During Shawn Michaels' match against Kane, The Phenom decided to undertake a most sinister game of hide-and-seek. Just as HBK was busy tuning up the band on Kane, the arena lights cut out and The Deadman's familiar gong resonated throughout. When the ring was once again basked in light, The Undertaker had taken the place of his brother and chokeslammed Michaels. As The Showstopper lie in pain, the lights cut out again, only this time when they flicked on, it was Kane again angling for the pin.

Michaels, however, kicked out and flipped the script on Kane. He laid him out with a swift dose of Sweet Chin Music and covered The Big Red Monster for the win, perhaps for the last time ever on Raw.

Mr. McMahon confronted Bret Hart (PHOTOS | WATCH)
A powder keg of anger, resentment and frustration is set to explode inside the ring in just six days when, after 12 long years, Bret Hart prepares to fight his nemesis Mr. McMahon. With that in mind, The "Hit Man" addressed the WWE Universe, ensuring that he would administer one of the "worst beatings" ever to The Chairman with the Hart family in the audience to witness. Mr. McMahon, however, came out to offer this somewhat cryptic warning: "What can I say, Bret? One way or another … you're screwed."

Sheamus, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Triple H & Randy Orton in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
There hasn't been this much animosity between partners since Tiger Woods' last marriage counseling session. Triple H was forced to team with his despised enemy, Randy Orton, when the two faced off against their respective WrestleMania opponents, Sheamus as well as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match.

Before the bout, Rhodes and DiBiase, who will face one another -- along with The Viper -- in a Triple Threat Match, made it clear that their alliance had frayed somewhat. During the match, Orton nearly punished Rhodes for his seeming betrayal, but the Irishman kicked him square in the jaw, sending him to the canvas and pinning him for the win. His WrestleMania foe was sure to send a message, though, as The Game sent Sheamus over the top rope.

Kofi Kingston def. Vladimir Kozlov in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Two men, one spot. With the Money in the Bank briefcase dangling above the ring, Kofi Kingston and Vladimir Kozlov clashed to secure the tenth and final spot in the grueling Ladder Match. Scouting one of his opponents, Jack Swagger, who has already qualified, observed from the announcer's table. "The All-American American" watched intently as The Dreadlock Dynamo overcame Kozlov's size and strength advantage to become the final participant in WrestleMania's Money in the Bank Match.

John Morrison def. Unified Tag Team Champion The Miz (PHOTOS | WATCH)
From the "Dirt Sheet" to a dirty shame, the friendship between John Morrison and his former partner The Miz has devolved into a bitter, ugly rivalry. With their respective partners -- R-Truth and Big Show -- looking on ringside, Morrison and Miz countered each other's moves as only intimates can. In the end, however, Morrison defeated his former partner in singles competition. Will his momentum stick when the teams meet in their title match in Phoenix?

The Phenom appeared on Raw to confront Shawn Michaels; guest host Pete Rose arranged HBK vs. Kane (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Shawn Michaels hasn't been this psyched for a match in quite some time. The 25-year veteran opened the broadcast and relayed the special feeling that's overtaken him lately, the feeling that he can do anything -- even end The Undertaker's 17-0 WrestleMania streak. The Deadman, however, would have his say.

Interrupting Michaels via TitanTron, The Undertaker unspooled a video of HBK's career highlights, ending with footage of his loss to Undertaker at The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Just then, special guest host Pete Rose joined Michaels and informed him that he had the perfect way for The Showstopper to prepare for his WrestleMania match: Battle The Undertaker's brother, Kane, only being able to win by pinfall or submission in what could be his final match on Raw. It also helped that The Big Red Monster had punished Rose in his previous appearances on WWE.

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