Complexion of the game changes

Complexion of the game changes

MILWAUKEE -- To Randy Orton's dismay, it looks like John Cena and Triple H have learned their lessons from the past two weeks very well and have their eyes focused on the WWE Champion as their Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania approaches.

When he was chosen to be in charge of Monday night's Raw as part of a Triple Threat Takeover, Orton may have believed that the WrestleMania Rewind-themed night may have been both a harbinger of things to come and an evening of déjà vu for Cena and The Game.

For the past two weeks, the Legend Killer took advantage of both his foes when they took their eyes off him and at times seemed more preoccupied with each other. The end result? Orton left both the former "Champ" and The King of Kings in a heap, courtesy of lightning-quick precision RKOs. The Legend Killer's message: If you dare take your eyes off me, I will turn your lights out at WrestleMania and leave Orlando, Fla., with my WWE Title.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Orton saw his position of power Monday night as an opportunity to have other Superstars do his dirty work for him and continue to weaken his two WrestleMania XXIV challengers. In a pair of WrestleMania rematches, he pitted Triple H against old nemesis Kane and Cena against Shawn Michaels, his challenger last year for the WWE Championship. (PHOTOS)

The self-proclaimed "One-Man Dynasty" preyed on old rivalries to make The Game and Cena's challenges even more intense. Like everyone else, Orton was aware of Kane's sadistic tendencies and reminded the Big Red Machine how Triple H was responsible for forcing him to unmask several years ago.

As expected, the encounter between the The King of Kings and Kane was physical, hard-hitting and brutal at times. And Randy Orton didn't help matters by coming down to ringside to get a closer view and distract Triple H. However, The Game managed to prevail and burn a hole into Orton, showing the WWE Champion that he had his game face and focus as WrestleMania approaches. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Game of Physical Chess 

Distraction seemed to be Orton's MO for the night. He couldn't resist inserting himself when Cena and HBK squared off and renewed their rivalry later that night. However, his plans backfired when he tried to flatten Cena with an RKO on a chair. West Newbury, Mass.' favorite son, tired of feeling headaches from RKOs the last few weeks, left Orton semi-conscious with an FU. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

But perhaps an FU-inspired sore back is the least of Orton's worries. And Cena has a reason to be worried, too. The next move in this game of chess and one-upmanship belongs to Triple H, who will be in charge of Raw next week as part of the Triple Threat Takeover. The Cerebral Assassin hasn't forgotten about the FUs and RKOs he has withstood these past few weeks, and he looks like he wants to have some fun at Orton and Cena's expense. Triple H has ordered Orton and Cena to team up next week and face the entire Raw roster. (WATCH)

But what the hell does that mean? It looks like the game is getting a lot more interesting as WrestleMania draws near.


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