No satisfaction for Cena

No satisfaction for Cena

INDIANAPOLIS -- John Cena could barely contain the half-smirk, half-smile that wiggled across his face during Raw. Earlier tonight, he had suggested everyone -- our fans and his WrestleMania XXIV foes Triple H and WWE Champion Randy Orton -- would be satisfied after he was in charge during week one of the Triple Threat Takeover of Raw.

Well, things did not go exactly as Cena probably would have liked. By night's end, he gave Triple H a painful receipt for a Pedigree The Game had given him two weeks ago, but he was flattened by an RKO from Orton. The Legend Killer stood tall, cradling his WWE Championship and surveying his fallen foes. It appeared the WWE Champion had momentum on his side with WrestleMania less than a month away. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

RKO Reminder

For Orton, the scene reeked of déjà vu. Just last week, he could barely contain the quizzical look and muted disbelief in his eyes when The Game and Cena faced off during a WrestleMania Photo-Op on Raw and appeared to forget -- albeit briefly -- that he was there. And the self-proclaimed "One-Man Dynasty" is not one to be ignored. He made them pay and left them facedown with a pair of RKOs. His message last week and tonight was the same: Don't ever forget about me. I am the WWE Champion. You better focus on me. I'm WWE Champion now, and will still be the champion after WrestleMania.

Meanwhile, Cena came into tonight's Raw with scores to settle. Two weeks ago, Triple H sent a message to him with a Pedigree after the former "Champ" earned his place in the main event at WrestleMania. Then last week, in addition to withstanding the RKO, Cena was flattened by an opportunistic Mr. Kennedy and his Mic Check.

It was clear tonight that Cena had had enough. And Raw GM William Regal, ever mindful of the explosive situation among the three Superstars headlining WrestleMania, decided to make them in charge of each other's fates over the next three weeks in a Triple Threat Takeover. And Cena used his random selection as the man in charge to his advantage. (WATCH)

No Love Lost

However, the former WWE Champion didn't just force The Game and the Legend Killer to have all the fun. He decided to face Kennedy and attempt to shut the Green Bay, Wis., native's loud mouth.

Mr. Kennedy pushed Cena to the limit and showed him why he is one of WWE's brightest rising stars. But Cena ultimately humbled the Money in the Bank Ladder Match favorite and made him tap to the STFU. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

But that was just part one of Cena's mission tonight. He watched closely from the commentary table at ringside as longtime rivals -- and former Evolution teammates -- Triple H and Orton tore into each other.

 There is no love lost among these three Superstars. The glares that were shared among the three told the story of their rivalry and mutual dislike for each other. They have all worn the WWE Championship. Orton desperately wants to hold onto the gold while Cena and The Game want sports-entertainment's Holy Grail back around their waists. They all have points to prove on The Grandest Stage of Them all. Neither one of them will feel complete if they don't leave WrestleMania XXIV with the WWE Championship. WrestleMania Preview...

Who's in Charge Next Week?

If Triple H and Orton's war tonight was any indication, the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title at WrestleMania will be an epic struggle. When Orton tried to run, Cena intervened, but The Game bumped the Legend Killer into "The Champ." (Was it intentional or accidental?)

An enraged Cena couldn't contain himself and charged Triple H and FU'ed him. But Orton denied him any true satisfaction. As Orton looked around, he seemed to say, "FU, Triple H. FU, John Cena. If you want some, come get some, because I'm keeping my title at WrestleMania."

Things may not get any easier for two of these Superstars next week. Their fates will be in the hands of either The Cerebral Assassin or the Legend Killer next week on Raw. And payback may prove to be a b@#ch for someone. Find out who's in charge on WWE Mobile at AT&T

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