The World's Strongest Dirty Job

The World's Strongest Dirty Job

AUSTIN, Texas -- Though both have denied having any "official" deals between them, SmackDown's Mark Henry could very well be the key to Randy Orton retaining his WWE Championship against John Cena at No Way Out.

Six days before Cena's showdown with the Legend Killer for the WWE Title, the World's Strongest Man will provide a massive test for "The Champ" in his first one-on-one match since his return from injury on Raw. Cena has made a career of going full-speed ahead and showing no quit and no surrender, and this Monday, he will prove it once again when he faces the near-400-pound Henry. Last week, the former WWE Champion made jaws drop -- especially Orton's -- when he held his own in an Arm Wrestling Match against Henry and then lifted and dropped the massive former power lifter with an earth-trembling FU. Watch | Photos

However, questions may still linger about Cena's recovery from a torn pectoral muscle that sidelined him for four months. During his Arm Wrestling contest, Cena clutched his repaired arm and side a few times before pushing Henry to the limit.

A Massive Mean Streak and Trail of Bodies

Monday's match -- Cena's first one-on-one battle since his stunning return and victory at the 30-man Royal Rumble -- could answer all questions about the health of West Newbury, Mass.'s favorite son.

Mark Henry has said that he would love to "rip Cena's shoulder right out of its socket" and he has a well-documented mean streak. After all, this sadistic monster has sent former champions such as Batista, Rey Mysterio and Undertaker to the sidelines. And many, many other Superstars have wanted to send their hospital bills to the World's Strongest Man. Henry would love to derail Cena's comeback -- but no one's smile would be any bigger than Randy Orton's.

No matter what happens Monday, Orton says his WWE Title Match at No Way out is on. Cena's arm could be hanging off by a single strand of sinew and Orton would show no mercy. The Legend Killer has firmly cemented his hold on the WWE Championship since he injured Cena and forced his relinquishing of the gold. The self-proclaimed "one-man dynasty" believes he is the best in the world, the true WWE Champion, and he wants to put Cena behind him -- and silence doubters -- once and for all at No Way Out. No Way Out Preview...

If Henry can do most of his dirty work on Monday, Orton wouldn't mind. However, if Cena makes a definitive statement, there may be no way out for Orton and his WWE Championship.

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