2009 WWE Draft announced for Raw April 13

2009 WWE Draft announced for Raw April 13

As if April couldn't possibly get any bigger -- WWE.com has learned that eight days following the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, WWE will "shake things up" once again, with a 2009 WWE Draft that will commence live on Monday Night Raw, on USA Network.

In many ways, the WWE Universe continues to feel the aftershocks created by from last year's epic Draft on Raw (click here to relive 2008 Draft coverage), during which 10 Superstars changed their respective home brands. (Followed by more than a dozen Superstars who were affected by a subsequent Supplemental Draft that took place on WWE.com.) Several of those roster adjustments quickly resulted in title changes that dramatically altered the WWE landscape -- among them, CM Punk winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge a week after the Straightedge Superstar had been drafted to Raw.

With that, what can our Superstars, General Managers and you, the WWE Universe, expect from the Draft when Raw commences live in Atlanta's Philips Arena April 13? Details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead, though one thing is certain: as per Mr. McMahon's statement a year before, it will be "time to shake things up around here!"

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