Decision at hand

Decision at hand

February is full of holidays; from Groundhog Day to St. Valentine's Day to President's Day, the shortest month of the year is chock full of observances. This Monday will be the 2007 observance of what has become a yearly WWE holiday: Royal Rumble Match Winner Decision Day.

As first reported by WWE Mobile Alerts, right when Raw kicks off Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network, Undertaker will make his choice as to which championship he will challenge for in the main event of WrestleMania 23. Over the past week, he has shown up on all three brands to stare down their respective champions, instilling in each one a heightened sense of alertness that they could be staring down the Deadman on April 1.

Last week on Raw, The Phenom appeared on the entrance stage; while engulfed in a wall of flames, he stared down WWE Champion John Cena at the close of the show, leading Raw fans to believe that The Champ would be his WrestleMania target. The following night on ECW on Sci Fi, however, ECW World Champion Lashley found himself face-to-face with the Phenom, causing ECW die hards to think that Undertaker would pay a visit to the Land of the Extreme at WrestleMania.

Undertaker's final appearance came on his "home" brand, SmackDown. As Cena, Shawn Michaels and World Heavyweight Champion Batista argued in the ring, The Phenom emerged from the shadows once again to come face-to-face with the two champions and the Showstopper. It was then that WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon also announced the main event for No Way Out: Cena & Michaels vs. Batista & Undertaker in an inter-promotional challenge.

When No Way Out rolls around, there is a 67 percent chance that Undertaker will be in the same ring as his WrestleMania opponent. It could be his partner or it could be one of his opponents…and of course, it could be Bobby Lashley, who would no doubt be watching intently.

Whatever his choice is, Undertaker will make his intentions known this Monday night on Raw. With the Deadman currently 14-0 at WrestleMania, who will be the one that could end up as unlucky No. 15?

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