Ready to make it official

Ready to make it official

So, John Cena has put WWE Champion Randy Orton on notice. He has returned from a torn pectoral muscle in less than four months, won the Royal Rumble Match and is seemingly better than ever as he prepares to face Orton for the WWE Championship at No Way Out. But is "The Champ" walking into a trap laid by the Legend Killer?

Tonight, these two will make their title match at No Way Out official when they kick off Raw with a contract signing. Given Cena and Orton's long, very personal rivalry -- and "The Champ's" thunderous FU to the self-proclaimed "one-man dynasty" last week -- WWE officials might want to prepare for an explosive situation tonight.

Controversy follows Orton wherever he goes. He is a sadistic viper and knows no boundaries when it comes to protecting his WWE Championship. In his four-month reign, he has thrived on getting inside his opponents' heads and staying a step ahead of them. That's why he has been able to turn back -- albeit barely -- the challenges of crème de la crème Superstars such as Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Jeff Hardy. Orton may have laid his cards on the table for his Las Vegas showdown with Cena at No Way Out on Feb. 17. (Match Preview)

"Since I think you're a hothead, and that there's no way you can be 100 percent from your injury, let it be you and me, at No Way Out for the WWE Championship," Orton said to Cena last week on Raw.

The Bull's-eye

Emotion -- sheer anger over being injured by Orton and being forced to relinquish his WWE Title -- has fueled Cena's remarkable comeback. But could it also be his undoing? Orton is counting on it.

The surgical scar on Cena's right shoulder reminds the former WWE Champion of what he lost. It reminds him that Orton cost him everything. However, the scar also gives Orton a bull's-eye to target at will -- before and during No Way Out. The Legend Killer is hoping that Cena rushed his recovery and came back too soon.

The WWE kingpin would love to re-injure Cena and kill the legend of "The Champ" once and for all. Imagine the satisfaction Orton would have at seeing Cena escorted from the ring at No Way Out, his right arm limp, just like it was four months ago. Talk about déjà vu all over again.

Arguably, Cena showed he was at full-strength when he FU'ed Orton at the end of Raw last week. But he hasn't been tested in a one-on-one match yet. In addition, Orton seems to be most dangerous when he is cornered. So-called experts predicted his demise when HBK was giving him weekly doses of Sweet Chin Music and when Jeff Hardy routinely left him laying in the weeks before their Rumble match. Orton proved them all wrong.

One thing is certain: Someone will be proven wrong at No Way Out. Either Orton will show the world that Cena came back too soon or "The Champ" will show that he's really back -- with gold in hand.

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